Ever seen ‘potency’ in ‘randomness’?

There’s good random and there’s bad random. There’s good silly and there’s bad silly, and you’ve got to know the difference– Conan O’Brien

There we have it… It’s the fourth month of the year already. I don’t think anyone needs to make emphasis on how time in its inceptive nature, waits for nobody; not even itself. And I am sure you’re also wondering what could have prompted such a title for today’s post. Well!! I will explain……

So I’ve to say that it is just the fourth month of the year and it feels like a lot has happened in such a short time [or maybe indeed, a lot has happened], and I feel really humbled and blessed to have had the experiences; and they inspire/motivate me for future occurrences. Truth be told I can’t share everything here- you’ll get tired of reading, and I don’t think my fingers can type all, neither will I remember every single detail.

However, I have chosen to share the knowledge/lesson from the experiences as when I was thinking of what post to put up today; all I could think of, were these well known ‘wisdom’. At first, I thought: ‘Everyone knows these’, then I thought again-‘the fact that human beings know the taste of water, does not satisfy them after their first sip, because they know its importance to their body’ [I hope this makes sense, personally coined the statement]

So let’s dig into the potency of these random wisdom…..

  • I have always heard people say ‘no man is an island’; I have also said it too, but I guess there’s a difference between saying something and having to experience it. It so happened that my experience was when I was writing my dissertation that this saying was brought to the cognisance of my humble self. Not that I had been a loner, nope! It just happened that this lesson sunk in like never before. Just one phone call that Saturday morning during my dissertation period did me a lot of good, like I got to know that the word count was 12000- 15000, so I did not have to make up words in order to get to the 15000 that I had in mind. Basically, you cannot know everything, there will always be something that you could’ve omitted. You are human, not a superman/spiderman. Even the super heroes have someone, be it families or friends or significant others. Let us not underplay the significance of colleagues, acquaintance, friends and many more. However, we should not be ignorant of the world we live in today. ‘Not everyone needs to know the number of the address of your street’. The truth is, if everyone will realise the role of people we meet on a daily basis have to play, life will become easier. One prayer I make almost daily is ‘Lord direct my steps to meet the right people and miss the wrong people’. Meeting the right people won’t mean they will not hurt you, it just means that whatever you are to go through with whoever you come in contact with, there’s grace available to handle the situation and that you don’t end up fighting an unnecessary battle that could have been avoided.
  • Respecting/honouring our elders does a lot of good, not evil. We always say that one commandment that comes with a promise in the bible is: Honour your father and mother, so that your days may be long [Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:2]. ‘Father and Mother’ I believe is figuratively used in that passage. I cannot decide to disrespect a man/woman who is older than me because they are not my parents, I will be missing the ‘rhema’ of the word of God. Let me be very honest, I’ve stayed in the UK for more than three years, mostly on my own, apart from when I visit my aunt for as short as one week, I must confess that it does get to the point where that regard for ‘Father and Mother’ departs [I got to that point] Thank God for His help through ‘Fathers and Mothers’ He positioned around me, to call me to order. I’m not saying it got to the point where I shouted at them and all sorts, but I didn’t have to get to that point really. Personally, I feel this is one area that seems to be robbing people of long life and additional blessings that are attached to honouring our ‘fathers and mothers’. Someone can be saying: ‘how can I honour my father and mother, when they are asking me to do something contrary to God’s command?’ My personal opinion- tell the creator of the command and I am certain He will take care of it. I remember what a great man says- Let your obedience be complete and God will take care of the rest.  
  • Pulpit is for some, but priesthood is for all [born again Christians]. It’s amazing how there are people who want to be pastors first before they believe they are doing the work of God, while there are some who have left the work of God to ‘those who stand on the pulpit’. Truth is we are all priests [1 Pet 2:5;9]. Since we are all priest, we can do the work of God according to his calling for our lives. Do we all have to be Pastors? No! You are an accountant, how can you do his work? Ask Him to lead you. Your attitude to work, your colleagues can be your ministry to draw people to God. You don’t have to hold a microphone in a building called church [funny thing is the church is the person not the building]. I believe it’s time We, Christians take our place in the different sectors we’ve been called to, and do the work of God. We have no excuse, you think you have not got the resources you need? Look around you, there’s something you can start off with, till what you need is in place. Yesterday, I happened to be in a Christian Centre that was occupied by nationals of different countries who were worshipping God. A 98 year old was thanking God for the grace to see his 98th year. He didn’t stop there, he also said he was believing God for grace to see November 2014 as he intends going for missionary in Sierra Leone. That was the highlight of my day. At 98, it will be expected of him to rest,eat and sleep; but that wasn’t his plan. We don’t all have to be pastors, in your capacity with His grace, do His work in your field. We have no excuse!
  • Embracing Change is healthy. I’ve to say not everyone likes change. Personally, I never liked it. When I reflect on one of the reasons why I never liked change, I realised it can be narrowed down to Fear. Comfort zones are appealing but they never bring extraordinary results. They can bring results but not extraordinary. Remember the popular saying- you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. True statement! I remember when I was studying law [first degree] in a different city from where I just finished my second degree, I was so certain that I was going to do the second degree in the first university. I had become so comfortable, familiar with the environment and did not want to move. I must say that with the experience from the past fifteen months, a comfort zone wouldn’t have done justice. In essence, what I am saying is: We need to understand the days, seasons and years of our lives. ‘Comfort zoning’ ourselves will never take us through the changes that are required for the next phase in our lives, instead we will keep going round in the same cycle-Stagnancy.

So that’s ‘my random’ for today. I hope to carry on with this random post at another time. Also, I hope there is ‘potency’ in these random words? How was your weekend? and please make an addition to these random wisdom. So what have you got?

Oh! my weekend was blissful, I’ve been having a swell time with my cousins…

Me and my cousins

4 thoughts on “Ever seen ‘potency’ in ‘randomness’?

  1. Everything said was beautiful, especially when you cleared the confines of my fearful mind. A bit of new age wisdom says Face Everything And Recover (FEAR). With that last one coming from you, I'm awakened. Thanks. And hey! I have seen 'potency' in 'randomness'.


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