FINALLY: my first video is here.Whoop! Whoop!!

Hello Everyone,

So finally my first vlog is here.  I am making use of  my YouTube Channel- Chinomnso Precious.

So here’s a short video that serves as an introduction to my vlogs to come. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Please share and leave your comments.

13 thoughts on “FINALLY: my first video is here.Whoop! Whoop!!

  1. Wow! this is amazing and beautiful, you kept on surprising me, watching the video i was struggling to believe that you are the same princess i saw few years ago, never knew you got alot of creativity in you, God knows another surprise you gonna show us, am very proud of you, you are blessed already, keep it up.


  2. Awwww! Thank you Uche for your support. I do appreciate it. I understand when you say you are 'struggling to believe this is me'-I totally understand. Because I am shocked as well with the developments. But I give glory to God. He knows all. I believe He knew all these from the beginning. Thanks once again


  3. Genesis 6:5 is talking about the 'unreformed' natural man. A man that has not been transformed by Christ. I am not saying accepting Christ immediately transforms our thoughts and imaginations to good, it takes walking with the spirit of God and a daily renewal of mind [Romans 12:2]. So as a child of God, there are times when evil thoughts come up, the next line of action is to use the word of God as a shield and 'cleanser' from those thoughts. You see, 2 Cor 3:18 states that as we behold Christ, we become transformed into his image. That's the goal as a Christian to become more like Christ, Christ did good and thought good as well. So Gen 6:5 depicts the natural man who has not met Christ, a person who has met Christ should be able to bring his/her thoughts under subjection to Christ. So 'Precious Thoughts' is aimed at enhancing that 'Christ like' transformation and thinking. It is aimed at reforming that evil imagination into good by the spirit of God. People can sound utopian and pretend but the truth is God knows his own and such pretence will be found out here if Jesus tarries or in Heaven. I hope I was able to reconcile 'Precious Thoughts' with Genesis 6:5. Please let me know. Thank you


  4. Good analysis. In fact very good. My thoughts are evil continually but the Christ in me has given me some discipline to deal with it. By dealing with my evil thoughts, I hinder them from manifesting into action. Given that the evil inclinations of the natural man is incapable of complete eradication by Christendom; wars, terrorism and heinous crimes continue to dog mankind. Precious Thoughts are capable of freeing us from the clutches of evil. So as the disciple of this noble venture in a depraved world, you've got your work cut out for you. GOOD LUCK (not Oga Jona) dear.


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