TAGGED: Blog Tour….

IMG_0770Hello Everyone,

I’ve to admit stepping out of my ‘online anti-social’ zone is paying off. Especially when you follow a blogger that is generous enough to tag all his/her ‘blogger-readers’. Well! I guess what I’m driving at is that, I’ve been tagged again by the beautiful Tosin of www.africanismcosmopolitan.com. Have you had a sneak-peak of her blog? She’s a bundle of talent. You need to visit her blog and say hi. I’m certain of one thing -You won’t regret it.

So, I’d be doing a blog tour for today’s post; let’s dive in, shall we??


I’m working on getting a logo for ‘Precious Thoughts’ and there’s also another ‘something-something’ [a secret for now, will be known in due time], I’m being helped with for the blog as well. However, I still have unprocessed ideas of segments I will love to incorporate with the blog, but like I said it’s still unprocessed. Also, I remember I mentioned in one of my Vlogs that I was awaiting an assessment  to move forward in my qualifications as a lawyer in my new abode, Canada. Well, the result is out and I’m required to write some plenty [lol] exams, So this girl is prepping for eight exams. Let me not bore you with so much details on that; but I will be unleashing as time goes on.


I’d like to think believe that the fact that, I am Me, makes my work different from the others. I believe that everything that is born out of purpose and passion carried out by an individual is unique, because the individual adds his/her spin to it [hopefully].  So, I’d say these make my work different from the rest – My use of words, my inspiration, the relatability of each post and my use of non-spiritual things to illustrate teachings from the Word of God.


I write what I write because I’ve come to realise that the words that are dropped in my heart by God, the experiences I’ve gone through and I’m still going through with him are not for myself alone. They are for these purposes – to change me and change my surroundings/world/planet. 


Well! it’s either of two ways. There are days when I pre-plan my posts with my teacher-Holy Spirit and I take note of what I want to put up and I go all out to search for scriptures, as reference. While, there are days where inspiration to put up a post is instantaneous, and as usual the spirit of God leads, I follow.


I have this saying, I strongly believe: ‘it can only get better’. So, expect more life changing, encouraging posts and activities from Precious Thoughts, by his grace. I will make sure I keep you informed. Oh! And expect more Vlogs. It isn’t active now. But that will change at a set time.

So I deliberately kept this post, short and simple, I’ll like to tag any blogger who hasn’t done this tag before.

I’m still very much open to loving anyone with prayer [pradake16@gmail.com], also you can love me with prayer. There’s nothing like too much prayer. W e are to pray without ceasing.

I thought to share: 

  • Have you listened to Anthony Evans’ version of  ‘how he loves’. You need to listen to this song. The lyrics are something else;  you will be so marvelled and in awe of God’s love; and then you’ll top it up by blessing God for voices like that of Anthony. Oh!! people who can sing are blessed. Lol! We are all blessed. Mind me not!

Have you read my last post?

Have an amazing week!

Chinomnso Precious!


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