LET’S BARE IT ALL: I’ve been a naughty naughty child….


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Source- Google!

You’re approaching the chamber of ‘bare it all’. So take off your ‘judgemental glasses’ and ‘sanctimonious thinking faculty’. But please leave on your ‘able wrists/hands’ and ‘willing-mind-to-contribute’.

I know what you are thinking. Who has she been naughty to? God? or her parents? Errrrmmm both, actually. Don’t judge me yet. It so happened that I had been away from home. By home, I mean living with my mum. Away from home for almost 6years.

I’ve been a student in different far away lands. So this girl has been her own boss [well after God]. Well! Those boss days are over for now. I’m back into another captain’s ship, and you know that saying- you can’t have two captains in a ship. Well, you can have two captains in a ship but there will be no ship or no captains or both. Okay! I’m done analysing the captains and the ship. But you get my drift, right? So now that I’m back with my mum, Pharoah [devil] has just been giving me those garlic, leeks, melon and cucumbers and then shortening my ration of manna. I hear someone saying; ‘Stop it, you can’t blame it all on Pharoah’ and to you I say: ‘Someone has to be blamed and Pharoah isn’t innocent enough, not to be that someone’. Lol. Okay! Yes you are right. I have power over him. Luke 10:19. I should have known better. Well! Let’s say I know better. Courtesy- the Holy Spirit.

You see in this age and time, Obedience to parents and elders is seen as a trivial thing. This command has a blessing with it- that you may live long in the land the Lord is giving you. Exodus 20:12. Apart from this promise, I’ve come to understand that in honouring God, you’ll have to honour your parents as well. I hear someone saying; ‘What if your parents are ungodly’, Errrrm to you I say, let your obedience be complete and God will sort out the rest. I cannot say ‘Oh I love the Lord’. And I cannot even honour the god that he has put over me on earth. Most times, it is not even about the actions anymore. It is the thoughts that are doing the ‘dishonouring’ and we keep telling ourselves: at least I didn’t say it or act it out. Well, if adultery can be committed in the heart, what makes ‘dishonouring our parents’ any different. It all starts with the heart.

So here are a few things, I will/must do henceforth [working on them already]:

  • That silent mumble-grumble must go. You see, especially after work, I just want to stay in my room. Munch the munchies. Catch up with the news. No clients. No boss. No nobody. All relaxed. And then, I hear ‘PP!!! Come and put this……’ And then I become a twin, having a ‘I-knew-this-wasn’t-gonna-last’ convo with myself. And most times, whatever I’m being called to do, doesn’t take more than ten minutes. Anyway, this will stop henceforth, I’m grabbing my ‘manna’ back, this ‘garlic’ is making my mouth smell badly. #Service
  • I will share my ‘Criminal Minds’ time. Inasmuch as my mum is very much aware of how I’m so into Criminal Minds, she picks that moment to tell me what happened in the linbatucolumbasa land. Okay! that land doesn’t exist. But I guess what I’m saying is she craves for my attention at such moments, and if you see how I take it personal, you would think Criminal Minds is a course for my Bar exam. But from now, I will be a good girl and give her an undivided five minutes to hear what happened in linbatucolumbasa land [I hope in that five minutes, the commercials are on. Lol]  Just kidding. #Time
  • Tell her that she looks good. So here’s how it goes: ‘PP, where is that my lipstick?’ meaning I’m all dressed and ready for work, what do you think? But you see at times, I’m more focused on putting an outfit together for work as well, that I do not take note. Henceforth, when she enters my room as usual every morning for that ‘lipstick that never leaves my room’, I will give her the real lipstick. #WordsofAffirmation

These are just a few things I will be doing. Why am I sharing this with you? To encourage someone, not to fall into this trap and to be accountable in a way. Yeah! I know I can put this here, and do something else, but like I always say- if I can’t do it, I will rather be quiet than have God deal with me for hypocrisy. I could have been tempted to tell myself that ‘at least, I don’t shout at my mum, beat her or call her names. So, I’m fine. But the truth is God has set a standard for us all, and if we aim to please him, when the Holy Spirit convicts us, we should fall in line. It does not matter if A is the norm or B is doing it. Personally, I feel dishonouring our parents and elders is one of the ways the enemy is stealing from us.

The commandment comes with a promise but we have a part to play as well. When we don’t play our part, we don’t get the promise. I do not see dishonouring/disobeying our parents/elders as something little, because when I remember Songs of Solomon 2:15, which reminds me that ‘Little foxes spoil the vine’. These my actions may have been my little foxes, but I won’t fold my hands and allow a reoccurrence telling myself, ‘Oh! since I don’t steal, I’m fine’. Nah! God paid a price for the life we live today, it’s high time we took our life with him very serious and take care of those little foxes, because they do spoil the vine, if not it won’t be written in the bible.

I know I’m not the only naughty child, so tell me what are some of the naughty things you’ve done? and how did you reject the ‘garlic’ for the ‘manna’?

Remember, at times, dishonouring our parents/elders can be found in the things we do not say or do.

Oh! And ‘PP’ is my humble self.

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Chinomnso Precious!

4 thoughts on “LET’S BARE IT ALL: I’ve been a naughty naughty child….

  1. Ikeoluwa says:

    My dear, you are so right. I have had so many experiences of my own & want to make a change from today! An instance; whenever I go for class & it soo happens that lectures finish earlier than scheduled, I just choose to stay back & gist so I wouldn’t have to cook (hey don’t judge me, not everyone is facinated about food or even cooking). As God will have it one sunday, after waiting back to gist, I came home & not was cooking. Oh you should have seen the way I was grumbling, because my dear, I still had to cook. This is a daily occurence among so many of us & really appreciate bringing to my awareness the wrong in these, which I call ‘little or nothing’. God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Loool, I chuckled at the ‘don’t judge me part’. Sis. I won’t judge you, if I’ve to judge you, someone else has to do the same to me.lol. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ve also learnt from yours as well. I’m sure God will help us to be vessels unto hunour completely by dealing with these ‘little foxes’. Amen! God bless you too darling!


  2. tee showie says:

    this is harder to practice if your parent/parents is or are not godly, or if the instructions dished out don’t seem Godly or Christ-like to you, and they give you orders like, ‘DONT LET ME HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT GOD, DONT GO TO CHURCH, FORGET THAT YOUR MINISTRY ITS BULLSHIT…..and so on, trust me this really did happen to me months back, and I was tempted to pack my bags and just leave the house… but when you have Jesus , your life should reflect different solutions, attitudes and response to crisis. no matter how hard I prayed, I never received the confirmation to leave the house, friends got tired of telling me to do so, as they took it for me being unserious about my situation, they couldn’t understand why I would chose to obey those kinds of instructions over serving God…..lol even me sef tot I was not hearing well ni, but my obedience in it self was service to God, eventually I decided to honor God by simply obeying and letting him work out the rest, within 3 months, that phase of my life received divine order…somebody shout hallelujah lol….

    all I am saying is, if you do things because they are convenient for you or because they seem right to you or you think you’re defending Gods honor, baba did not send you o….he said if you love me you would obey my commandments…and as we were told growing up, obey before complaining. let God sort out the differences, you just do your part and let him handle the rest.

    ensure your part aligns with his will too, pray pray pray, so you don’t do what you think is Gods will, when he wants you doing something else.

    God will continually direct our steps….amen.


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