TAGGED: Versatile Blogger Award!

IMG_1346It is another ‘blog tag’ time on here. Okay! Let me gush about something. The past few months have been amazing, I have to say. I have met lovely bloggers, read their write ups, seen their hand works and I have learnt from them as well. Who said blogging can’t be fun?

Apart from sharing thoughts on the blog, these connections have been astonishing. Let me also confess that, I have stalked some bloggers that I have not reached out to yet, with time, I will reach out. I just want to make sure that I am managing my present connections well, before adding on. It is necessary! So in light of these connections, the lovely Frances Okoro nominated me for this award. [I am sure you do remember her, the person behind the last guest series: Once saved, always saved?!]

What is required of me for this nomination?

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you- Thank you Frances for nominating me for this award.
  • Include the link to him/her/their blog(s)- http://www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com/
  • Choose 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly-  Well! I won’t be able to choose 15 blogs as at now, but I will choose those that I can. So I nominate:

Tosin Alabi of http://www.africanismcosmopolitan.com- I am sure your readers (and myself) will love to know more and more about you, and this is me saying thank you for your support.

Tessa Doghor of http://www.diaryofa21stcenturychristian.wordpress.com- So we just connected and I love your posts, but I want to know more random stuffs about you.

Presh of http://www.preshinspires.wordpress.com- Apart from the fact that we only just connected as well and I want to know more about you, you are my namesake. So I want to know more about someone who has the same name like I do. And because your ‘redefining femininity series’ is off da hook.

Maeyo of http://www.lemayomayhem.wordpress.com- you have been MIA and I miss reading your posts. It will be a nice way to return with an interesting post such as this. Come back Mayowakun, you are missed!

I also nominate my lovely readers, feel free to state one or more random stuffs about yourself.

  • Finally, tell the blogger that nominated you 20 things about yourself- Dearest Frances, I cannot promise or guarantee that I can spill out 20 things, but I will try. Do not be disappointed if ………

I will state things that I have not mentioned in any of the other tagged posts.

  1. I cannot stand water over my head, hence, I cannot swim.[I can swim in my head. hehehehe] A part of me wants to learn, but the part that cannot stand water over her head is very insistent on not venturing into a pool or beach. But anything is still possible.
  2. I love to workout, but the fact that I sweat on my head is a discouraging factor. The thought of sweating on my head weakens the zeal to workout. You need to see how I get angry at the drops of sweat from my head. I can understand sweat from any other part of my body but not my head. I know the reason why I sweat on my head, but I don’t just like it.
  3. I am the best cheerleader you can find anywhere, global. Yes! Lol. But here is the thing about my style of cheerleading, if you do not understand where it is coming from, the person I am cheering on will think I am flattering him/her. In such a situation, I just want to hold the two hands of the person, smile and speak softly; saying: ‘Babe[I believe this can go for a man or woman], this is what I feel, and I won’t stop saying it because you don’t believe it YET. 
  4. I can ‘stand’ negative people, but I can’t ‘walk’ with them.


    ‘Break your neck’ pose. Lol

  5. I do not like hearing someone calling another derogatory names. For example, calling someone idiot, fool, stupid, an animal and the list goes on. I get offended for the person(s). If you cannot create a human being, you shouldn’t call them such.[My Philosophy]
  6. I have an excellent sense of direction. [Please let me humblebrag. lol] If you take me somewhere for the first time, you do not have to tell me how to get there again, I will find my way out and can return again. [As long as I wasn’t taken there, with blindfolds on]
  7. Of recent, this year precisely, taking pictures of myself, has become a huge chore. I do not know why, but I know; it is not because I do not love myself anymore. No, that’s not the reason. And no, I have not run out of poses or clothes to wear. It is just what it is. Lol. If you happen to know why this is happening, please reach out. I want to know too.
  8. I love washing clothes with my hands, but I do not have the same love for washing plates.
  9. I prefer to listen than talk, but I love to talk. I can meet a person today, and if that person is a talker, I am very satisfied listening to the person talk than for me to talk. But do not be deceived, I have my ‘parrot moments’.
  10. I can be mischievous. Don’t think far, I will explain. mischievous in the sense that, I can purposely turn off the light in a dark room, hide somewhere and make funny sounds just to scare someone.
  11. My first name is actually Princess. It is not a title, it is my name. It is just hard work that I have had to explain to almost every African over here because they think I changed my name when I left the shores of Nigeria.*Sighs* I may even have to make some changes on the blog, concerning the names I use. All in good time.
  12. I love Almond nuts, after fried yam. Just give me a big bag of Almonds and a movie, and you have a special place in my heart. Just like that.
  13. Oh! I LOVE my ‘me time’. Nothing else but just me and my thoughts. And I actually have this more often these days. I don’t joke with it.
  14. I know I am a lady, but please after one hour in a shop, shopping becomes a chore. And this only applies to cloth shopping, I guess it is because I am a very difficult shopper. I make a million and one decisions before  buying one thing, and I am not impressed by the first thing I set my eyes on or that is trending. If I do not find what I have in mind, I go home with my money.
  15. I do not like when people touch me in a bid to call my name. There is something about ‘that-calling-name tap’ that does not go down well with me.
  16. I have a weird unique sense of humour. I can laugh at the silliest of all things. You may not find everyone laughing, but I may be laughing. And it is possible that when you find everyone laughing, I will be rocking a straight face or forcing a polite chuckle.
  17. I have a not-so-popular kind of fingernail color. It is that dark type. I used to loathe them in secondary school, even some years during my undergrad days. It was bad that I could not stay a day without applying nail polish. But that has changed now. I take care of them now, go weeks without nail polish on them, and can happily shake anybody without being overly conscious of them. And when I am questioned about it, I am happy to say that, ‘God had to leave a trademark, and this is the result- the color of my fingernails’. 
  18. I can be quite defensive. All for a good cause, I believe. It comes with the legal territory.
  19. I do not like any food that cannot be chewed before swallowing. Eba, fufu and the likes, we aren’t buddies. I can eat them but, there must be a very, extraordinary, big, fat reason. But I can prepare them for the lovers of swallow around me.
  20. I love dancing. I can move to ANYTHING. And it is very easy for me to learn dance steps, all I need to do is watch you dance. That’s all!

Wow! I made it. Posts such as the above is one I am happy to do once in a while for my readers, so that you get to know that the person behind the blog is human, and that inasmuch as she loves Jesus very much, she has other sides to her as well.

So, I will really love to read about you- the nominated bloggers and my readers.

Have a fabulous day!

Missed my last post?

Chinomnso Precious!  

9 thoughts on “TAGGED: Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Yay!

    Thank you for nominating me.
    Muchas Gracias!
    Of course I will be responding shortly as I am still at work and I want to get some things off my deliver-ables first before a whole lot of link building goes on.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoop whoop,thanks a lot dear for nominating me.I’ll get to it soon..knowing more about the blogger behind a blog thrills me and yours is not an exception ,thanks for giving us a peek into your life..you are amazing and truely precious..


  3. Aha, you are very good with directions? Ok oh, brag, you deserve it in the face of peeps like us.lols.

    As for the pictures, just stay with me for 20minutes, i’ll revive you again.hehe…

    It was niceeee getting to know more about you.. and don’t change the name oh, you are a princess, for real 🙂


    • Oh my Lady! Let me use this opportunity to give honour yo whom honour is due. You actually reminded me of the ‘direction’ attribute. So thank you for the reminder. How about we scrap the bragging bit and let the ‘honour giving’ overshadow it? Yeah?

      Oh! Please can Fly to you now? The revival needed is real.

      Thank you, you are so sweet. Thanks for reading and for tagging me. As for my name, I won’t change it for anything. The change that will occur will be on the blog; a move from ‘Chinomnso Precious’ to ‘Princess Okechukwu’. All in good time. Xx


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