TAGGED: Versatile Blogger Award!

IMG_1346It is another ‘blog tag’ time on here. Okay! Let me gush about something. The past few months have been amazing, I have to say. I have met lovely bloggers, read their write ups, seen their hand works and I have learnt from them as well. Who said blogging can’t be fun?

Apart from sharing thoughts on the blog, these connections have been astonishing. Let me also confess that, I have stalked some bloggers that I have not reached out to yet, with time, I will reach out. I just want to make sure that I am managing my present connections well, before adding on. It is necessary! So in light of these connections, the lovely Frances Okoro nominated me for this award. [I am sure you do remember her, the person behind the last guest series: Once saved, always saved?!]

What is required of me for this nomination? Continue reading