Princess Okechukwu

Bio: I found freedom in taking the steps to release the words within. But I did not do this alone. The One whom I desire you meet with every time you come on here, taught me and keeps teaching me. The One- the Holy Spirit. I blog not to make a name with man, but to represent The One whose I am. The undiluted word of God is my mantra. Everything written in it, and no addition. I desire to see generations thirst and hunger for God in such a way that the revelations of yesterday doesn't become an impediment to experiencing God. I am being molded everyday, and the words that I share on here, are reflections of a lady who is pleased to be a pencil in the hand of her creator. For questions and suggestions: preciousthoughts2013@gmail.com Let's Connect Instagram: @chinomnsop Twitter: @chinomnsop Precious Thought's Facebook Page: Precious Thoughts- Blogs

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