Meat or Manna: What Are You Craving?


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In the last three weeks, I have had all manners of cravings – from Pizza to FanYogo (a yoghurt snack sold in Nigeria), and not all my cravings have been satisfied. And rightly so. For example, FanYogo is sold in Nigeria, and I currently reside in Canada. I may have told my brother that after this current lockdown, I will find a way to get some FanYogo shipped out here, hoping that they are still being sold.

What I am getting at is this – as seasons change, so does our desires/cravings.

The world at large is going through a season of discomfort and hardship, and it is really Continue reading

If You Started 2017 On a Low Note…..


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…Still Happy New Year 2017!

I won’t obliviously assume that everyone has had an awesome start this year, but still we won’t allow one chapter dictate the ending of this book we are writing aka our lives. So you may have started the year, losing a friendship or a relationship, losing a job, failing an exam, struggling with your finances, struggling with your spiritual walk, barely breathing well due to an ailment and the list is endless; still remember that the beginning of a year does not automatically stop life from happening.

Personally, I was visited by one of the ‘life happening agents’, listed above, and I am going to share some tips to help get back on, into the race. Continue reading

Believers Tag [Christian Journey Tag]


I really do not know how to start this post, but I guess I am typing up a post now, so that’s a start. Almost four months after.

I owe you an explanation. Let’s get into the post of the day, and the explanation will follow the post.

The day I received a notification of Tosin Alabi’s vlog of this post in my email, [], I marked it down, as one post that I’ll definitely be sharing on here, with my own experience and thoughts. I think it’s the best ice breaker blogpost to get things fired up. Continue reading

WISDOM NUGGETS: Olympics Gymnastics

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I am sure there is not a soul who isn’t aware that the Olympics have been taking place since August 5, and will be ending today, August 21. It has been quite interesting, if you ask me. I did not even watch as much as I would have loved to, but I tried to keep up with the news.

So last Saturday, while I read, I had the Olympic gymnastics on, with no volume. And for a few minutes, I was lost in thought with what I learnt from the time I had my eyes on the screen. Continue reading

Rhema/Lessons From My Experience With Zara

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Salut Mes Amis!

It is another time where we glean from an everyday experience. I am firm adherent of the truth that God gets to speak to us through several media; it all depends on if we are attentive and sensitive enough; to hear Him.

Three weeks ago, I went online to just feed my eyes with some goodies on Zara, and there it was. They were having sales; good sales, I must add. And I do love me some bargain. I got two handbags. I told my friend who was with me, about my online venture, and trust this babe to go all out. She got three handbags. So what happens next? Continue reading