Ever Known A Better Yesterday?

I cannot be the only one who has had this nagging thought about how there have been better yesterdays. C’mon, even the Israelites felt that way when they had crossed the Red Sea (Exodus 16 v 1 -3), that is precedence, right?

For context sake, yesterday represents the good times, the triumphs we have enjoyed before our present reality, the control we had over certain stages/areas of our lives and this goes beyond the effects of the pandemic as well.

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PEACE, the weapon to see..

To see what?, You may ask. My response is – EVERYTHING. Most times, when we try to contextualize PEACE, we either refer to PEACE as the feeling or signal needed before we make certain decisions or we refer to PEACE as the calm, the certainty in a twist of uncertainty. And truly, there is nothing wrong with the mentioned contexts. Recently, I have been opened up to another manifest of PEACE, and it is a weapon to see…

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Meat or Manna: What Are You Craving?


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In the last three weeks, I have had all manners of cravings – from Pizza to FanYogo (a yoghurt snack sold in Nigeria), and not all my cravings have been satisfied. And rightly so. For example, FanYogo is sold in Nigeria, and I currently reside in Canada. I may have told my brother that after this current lockdown, I will find a way to get some FanYogo shipped out here, hoping that they are still being sold.

What I am getting at is this – as seasons change, so does our desires/cravings.

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If You Started 2017 On a Low Note…..


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…Still Happy New Year 2017!

I won’t obliviously assume that everyone has had an awesome start this year, but still we won’t allow one chapter dictate the ending of this book we are writing aka our lives. So you may have started the year, losing a friendship or a relationship, losing a job, failing an exam, struggling with your finances, struggling with your spiritual walk, barely breathing well due to an ailment and the list is endless; still remember that the beginning of a year does not automatically stop life from happening.

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