Merry Christmas: A Love That Challenges!


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It’s that time to be merry and as we tear up our little friends [chicken, turkey or veggies], let’s ponder on this question this season and seasons to come:

As my child and representative on earth, is my love still challenging you to live for me?


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Child, Put On Your Robe!

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I have read the story of the prodigal son many times, and different things stood out to me. I believe this story just reveals to us how God’s love is constant, not dependent on our frailties.

At different times in our lives, we take the ‘prodigal’ path, and when we decide to retrace our steps, we feel we have to be servants before we become heirs, again. But that’s the amazing thing about our Father’s love and grace, it does not have to be like that. He is ready when we are ready to come home. Continue reading


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Have you ever imagined what and how you would have expressed your love for God if you were the Israelites, who God parted the Red sea for; or if you were David, who God delivered from the many woes of his enemies?

Well, imagine no more! We don’t have to be the Isrealites or David, in order to express our gratitude or love to God. And we definitely do not have to use the same words of David and the Isrealites, we will use ours.

Yesterday, while I was studying Psalm 136, the Holy Spirit dropped this idea: How about remixing psalm 136? How about making it personal? The words of the Psalmist are very relatable, if I can say so myself. But today’s post will be an attempt to go an extra mile, and voice out reasons and evidences why I know God’s love never quits. Continue reading

Fall in love again….

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Dearest Precious Thinkers!

Let me start this post by saying: May God forgive us for every time we have procrastinated in working on an idea that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. Amen. There were times when I got into a state of uneasiness when I had a post brewing in my mind and I had not put it up and then I get to see something similar somewhere else. But I am grateful that in the journey of blogging I’ve come to realise that This thing I do is no competition. All thanks to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is one. Ephesians 4:6. So when that feeling of uneasiness tries to raise its ugly head, I tell it to flee, This is just a confirmation! Also, most times, when I have not put the post up, there are other experiences of affirmation that take place, that is indeed necessary in the construction of such post. So in other words, whichever way it goes, it works together for good. But I have to stress that,  this isn’t an allowance for sheer laziness, disobedience and procrastination.

So why such an introduction?

Today’s post has been a long one coming, but a lot of things got in the way that humanly thinking I felt I should have put this post up before now, but the past few days have made me realise that this timing is perfect. You see nothing that happens to us takes God by surprise….*pinches self* …*don’t digress Chinomnso, stick to today’s post*

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Raise the Roof!!

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I have to say that being excited has to be the most sensational feeling ever; well after the ‘being in love’ feeling. Lol. So Yes, I think I’ve had a feel of that feeling that comes with ‘raising the roof’. The excitement. The screams of joy. The overjoyed people around you. The sound from the band. The lyrics of the song digging dip into your soul. And Oh! The tears. Yes, there is proof that you can get excited to the point of tears. The proof – Me! It would’ve been quite ‘weird’ for me to take a picture/video of that moment though, apart from the fact that at that moment nothing else made sense around, I was in awe of the presence of God, I just cannot imagine what the content of the video will be like,  ‘Hey guys! See me I’m in tears and I’m excited’. Oh no!

Where was the ‘roof raised’? It was live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto. It was just this past Thursday. It was Joyce Meyer’s Conference and Worship with Israel Houghton. Yes! That was a dope, thrilling event, right there.  You see, I do not mess about when it comes to appreciating the gift of God in the lives of  people. I get super excited. Indeed, God is beautiful. He just has to be. No doubt. The joy from attending the event is really overflowing. I could be slapped now, and instead of frowning or getting angry, I will burst into laughter. It’s that real, folks.

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What has been your excuse I?

Mum, Come let's take a selfie...

Mum, Come let’s take a selfie…

Hello Lovelies,

You can agree with me, it gets busy during these five days of the week: Monday-Fridays. Well! For me, it gets busy in my house. There are times when, I partially see my Mum. [Work  Ei!!!] Partially because I say ‘Good morning to her with sleepy eyes’ and the next thing, she is out of the house.

So I love to make the weekend, one where I unwind with friends. But this last weekend, it hit me that someone else needed to chill as well; the best gift God has given to me – My Mum. So the selfie above is an evidence. We had some Mum and Daughter moments.

But that’s not what this post is about…..

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