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Have you ever imagined what and how you would have expressed your love for God if you were the Israelites, who God parted the Red sea for; or if you were David, who God delivered from the many woes of his enemies?

Well, imagine no more! We don’t have to be the Isrealites or David, in order to express our gratitude or love to God. And we definitely do not have to use the same words of David and the Isrealites, we will use ours.

Yesterday, while I was studying Psalm 136, the Holy Spirit dropped this idea: How about remixing psalm 136? How about making it personal? The words of the Psalmist are very relatable, if I can say so myself. But today’s post will be an attempt to go an extra mile, and voice out reasons and evidences why I know God’s love never quits. Continue reading


Source- Google!

Source- Google!


I am delighted to inform you that we are still on the series. This is post two of the series. I am not certain as to how many posts that will be made of this series, but as soon as I am sure, I will relay that information to you.

So you have not read the first post on the Books of Samuel Series? You can catch up here….

2 Samuel 18 & 23 will be discussed today. I hope and strongly believe that you won’t just be accepting my points as it, but will be reading your Bible; as you remember that my blog posts are not The Word. They are supplements.

These two chapters are intertwined, because chapter 18 gives an in-depth understanding of chapter 23’s outcome. So permit me to do a reverse swing, and start-up with chapter 23. Continue reading