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Have you ever imagined what and how you would have expressed your love for God if you were the Israelites, who God parted the Red sea for; or if you were David, who God delivered from the many woes of his enemies?

Well, imagine no more! We don’t have to be the Isrealites or David, in order to express our gratitude or love to God. And we definitely do not have to use the same words of David and the Isrealites, we will use ours.

Yesterday, while I was studying Psalm 136, the Holy Spirit dropped this idea: How about remixing psalm 136? How about making it personal? The words of the Psalmist are very relatable, if I can say so myself. But today’s post will be an attempt to go an extra mile, and voice out reasons and evidences why I know God’s love never quits.

My Personal Psalm 136

Thank you to the Master who whispers ‘wake up’ even before my alarm rings, His love never quits.

Thanks to the Judge who is impartial in nature, but favors me in a manner that still makes Him unquestionable as to why He favors me, His love never quits.

Unreserved gratitude to the Show-off Expert of miracles, who is able to make a lady sweat in a -14 degrees weather after she asked for a pillar of fire as a shield in the midst of the cold, His love never quits.

Thanks to my Father who specializes in spoiling me like I am His only child, His love never quits.

He works mysteriously at directing me to shops where I can get good bargains, of which I had no foreknowledge, His love never quits.

He blinds eyes to my errors at work, and raises voices for my defense, even in my mistakes, His love never quits.

He healed me of sickness that could have been worse due to wrong diagnosis, His love never quits.

Give thanks to Him who is not afraid to contradict my notions, correct them and show me the right way with no mention of my errs, His love never quits.

Give thanks to the One who has cheers me on, on my lowest; who says ‘you have a lovely heart’ on days when I am being the meanest lady, His love never quits.

The man who knows how to get my attention without asking for my attention, His love never quits.

The One who never gets tired of reminding me that His delays are disguised coverings, His love never quits.

The king who ushers in and out, royalties who He deems fit for different seasons, His love never quits.

Adoration be to the One who thinks highly of me to give me big dreams, with the caption: I will do them with you, His love never quits.

The Warrior whose battle-axe is consistently in position for my protection, His love never quits.

Thanks to the first and only profound Sage who is very kind in sharing His wisdom with me, His love never quits. 

 The One who provided a home for me before the possibility of being homeless arose, His love never quits.

The only One who shows me the beauty in my/the process, His love never quits.

My Personal stylist, hair-care mentor, His love never quits.

Give thanks to the God who has assured me that He will always be mindful of me, His love never quits.

Wow! God is everything. Typing this post, I am remembering so many things that He has done, and I know all I can do is pour out my love on Him.

I just pray that as you have read this post, you will have a unique and overwhelming experience of God, in every facet of your life.

Here’s the thing: I want you to go ahead and form your own Psalm 136. Feel free to use the comments’ section. If you are a blogger, I will be so glad to read yours too. Also, let’s use our own words to share about the love of God and His goodness with the hashtag #MyPsalm136 on our different social media platforms. C’mon, let’s pour out our love on God. Sit down and reflect on His goodness; then voice them out.

And remember, God loves you so much, in a way you cannot comprehend.


God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!”  Jeremiah 31 v 3 MSG

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Princess Okechukwu!

2 thoughts on “#MyPsalm136…

  1. Awwwggh! This brought back some good Ol’ memories.. If my Memory doesnt fail me yeah.. this was the Last Memory Verse recitation i did at Children’s church back at Festac.. Good old Days of being young and on fire.. 🙂

    I particularly love where you said;

    “The One who provided a home for me before the possibility of being homeless arose”

    and that line was key for me.. how GOD sees our future.. goes ahead of us.. and sorts it all out for us.. even before WE get there.. now if that isnt the definition of Love.. then what is?! As even in my utter filthiness.. GOD Almighty still comes through for me all the time.

    Blessings Princess! xx

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