Dear PT, What Are You Choosing?

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Let’s take this as a different form of the Wisdom Nuggets, that was supposed to be here in place of today’s post. I am very sure it will more than suffice.

I am just here to remind you of some important things that we forget. Rightly put, we may choose to forget. Honestly speaking, I can say that I have chosen to forget that instead of sadness, I can choose joy; that instead of bitterness, I can choose love/kindness; perseverance over quitting; patience over instant gratification….

I can choose these things but sometimes I choose to forget not to choose, because it’s the easiest path to take. They require little or nothing from me, at the same time, they do the worst damage ever.

Just a few weeks ago, it dawned on me, that in as much as I read about Job, and marvel at his spirit, and envisage that he is definitely a mentor I can live up to, I couldn’t. The possibility of staying the course like Job was fiction. Yes, it became fiction.

I was tired of praying and watching things get worse. It was like God could move in the other things that I may not have prayed for, but this one thing or few things that require urgent responses were the least of His concern.

If it is okay to still draw comparison with Job, I knew I was not going to curse God and die. But, I knew I had stopped fighting. I had stopped making the choices I needed to make, which also means, I was choosing not to make choices either.

You see, I have been faced with challenges that I had trusted God through it all, and stayed: prayed up. Faithful. Joyful all the way. But the past months have not been a total epic failure, but as a Nigerian, the best way to express my reactions will be to say: I no try at all. [I did not do well]

Enough of the ‘shaming’……

The amazing part of this story was that moment when I became tired of choosing not to choose what I should choose. It is accurate to say that such moments are definitely life changing moments. I believe what makes this experience heart warming is the fact that all along God has been by your [my] side waiting for you [me] to make the choices. He never left your [my] side. The answers to prayers you [I] never prayed are signals of His unbroken promise to never leave your [my] side, and that the unanswered prayer is only a matter of time.

It is amazing how in my brokenness and pain, He is still able to bring healing and wholeness to witnesses. In such moments, I am reminded of not taking my eyes off of Christ, but who said it was A B C. My excuse was you really have not met the experiences that will shake your faith, yet! And that excuse is no longer valid. It never was, but I forgot.

And such excuses should no longer be valid for you. You have reveled in the fragrance of self-pity, sadness, bitterness, anger and the rest, for too long; change your perfume.

I am not saying when you decide to make these right choices, every pain will suddenly disappear. No! They’ll be there, visibly there. But you won’t see them with the eyes of the flesh. You will see your pain through the eyes of Christ, and find purpose in it. I hope and pray, you do.

So today, I want you to see. See that this curve is still in the plans of the road maker. See that even in that desert, you still have manna. See that in that wilderness you have witnesses/followers. See that you are an overcomer not because this title belongs to everyone, but to those who are and will stand with and in God, through the storms, the rain, the wind and the scorching sun.

I pledge that henceforth, by God’s enabling power, I will choose to be joyful. Thankful to God. Patient in the unknown. Persevere and Fight.

I pledge to be a True Witness of Christ in days of comfort and discomfort.

The above pledge is no child’s play. I would love everyone who reads this post to take up this pledge, however, I must warn that the severity of this pledge be taken into consideration, as it is not a pledge unto man, but unto God.

We may have been distracted once, twice or more; but we put our sight back on the King of Glory. We look not to our afflictions for motivation, but to the One who was afflicted and wounded for our sake, and yet He is still King, today and forever!

Love from a wounded warrior, who stays fighting till she dines with her Warlord!


God definitely gives the strength to start again, by giving you hope to believe again.

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