Dear PT, What Are You Choosing?

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Let’s take this as a different form of the Wisdom Nuggets, that was supposed to be here in place of today’s post. I am very sure it will more than suffice.

I am just here to remind you of some important things that we forget. Rightly put, we may choose to forget. Honestly speaking, I can say that I have chosen to forget that instead of sadness, I can choose joy; that instead of bitterness, I can choose love/kindness; perseverance over quitting; patience over instant gratification….

I can choose these things but sometimes I choose to forget not to choose, because it’s the easiest path to take. They require little or nothing from me, at the same time, they do the worst damage ever. Continue reading

Is There a Mix of Sorrow in God’s Blessing?

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Hello!!!! *shines teeth*

Can you tell I am excited?*shines teeth again* I am very excited, but we shall talk about that later on in this post.

The blessing of the Lord brings wealth. Trouble doesn’t come with it. Proverbs 10 v 22 NIRV

Those were the words that kept popping up in my head weeks ago, more precisely, in the KJV: The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it. I looked up different versions of this passage and fell in love with the New International Reader’s Version.

You know it is very easy to read the Word everyday, and become too familiar with it. There’s a good familiarity- being armored with the Word and constantly feeding on it. Now, that’s great! But there’s the bad familiarity- where the Word is read with no caution or anticipation of transformation because there’s a cloud of ‘I have read/seen it all’ preventing a hunger for a new revelation. Continue reading

RSQUARE: Random Reflections….

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Dearest PT!

The last time I wrote a letter to you, I was addressing the fact that waiting/resting is not passivity. And that was in June, we are in September, and I think it is high time you read from me. Or honestly put; ‘I have too many thoughts to put under one heading/subject, so how about I just write a letter?’ Yup! Since, I have not had a ‘wisdom nuggets’ post up in a while, this will make up for the gap. [I hope]

When my birthday draws closer, I become exceptionally reflective. I like to think that I reflect a lot [like everyday]; but it’s double the measure during the month of September to October. So I have been doing a lot of reflection lately, and I want to share some in this letter. This reflection cuts across my growth and what needs improvement. I hope they resonate with you….. Continue reading

HELP! I Can’t Let Go……

let go1

When I asked for help…

Or Rhema from my hair change!

I didn’t want to discourage the brothers from reading this post, so I chose a better ‘accommodating’ title, as stated above.

When I was leaving the UK, it was hard carrying all my belongings that I had acquired throughout my stay. The baggage allowance of the flight was limited. So I had to give some things away to charity and friends. But there were two sets of hair moisturizing conditioners, which I vehemently refused to leave behind. They were 1 liter each. The truth is, there was no space for these conditioners, but I was not having it; they had to come with me. I loved this conditioner because it had this stingy, menthol like feeling when I applied it to my head; and I love that feeling. Continue reading

Raise the Roof!!

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I have to say that being excited has to be the most sensational feeling ever; well after the ‘being in love’ feeling. Lol. So Yes, I think I’ve had a feel of that feeling that comes with ‘raising the roof’. The excitement. The screams of joy. The overjoyed people around you. The sound from the band. The lyrics of the song digging dip into your soul. And Oh! The tears. Yes, there is proof that you can get excited to the point of tears. The proof – Me! It would’ve been quite ‘weird’ for me to take a picture/video of that moment though, apart from the fact that at that moment nothing else made sense around, I was in awe of the presence of God, I just cannot imagine what the content of the video will be like,  ‘Hey guys! See me I’m in tears and I’m excited’. Oh no!

Where was the ‘roof raised’? It was live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto. It was just this past Thursday. It was Joyce Meyer’s Conference and Worship with Israel Houghton. Yes! That was a dope, thrilling event, right there.  You see, I do not mess about when it comes to appreciating the gift of God in the lives of  people. I get super excited. Indeed, God is beautiful. He just has to be. No doubt. The joy from attending the event is really overflowing. I could be slapped now, and instead of frowning or getting angry, I will burst into laughter. It’s that real, folks.

Continue reading