RSQUARE: Random Reflections….

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Dearest PT!

The last time I wrote a letter to you, I was addressing the fact that waiting/resting is not passivity. And that was in June, we are in September, and I think it is high time you read from me. Or honestly put; ‘I have too many thoughts to put under one heading/subject, so how about I just write a letter?’ Yup! Since, I have not had a ‘wisdom nuggets’ post up in a while, this will make up for the gap. [I hope]

When my birthday draws closer, I become exceptionally reflective. I like to think that I reflect a lot [like everyday]; but it’s double the measure during the month of September to October. So I have been doing a lot of reflection lately, and I want to share some in this letter. This reflection cuts across my growth and what needs improvement. I hope they resonate with you…..

If there is anything I have learnt, is to be and not do. [I will explain] You see, like you, I have dreams. I have plans. I make calculated movements. [need I add, most of the time] But I have learnt to accept and love myself even when I am not doing anything [not necessarily, lazing around], what I mean is, I have learnt to understand that [for example] if I am not blogging , but doing other important things, I am still me. I am not less a person. I guess what I am trying to say is that, I have learnt to understand that the things I do, do not define who I am, I am who I am, because of who I carry in me, and who I am when I am ‘being’ not just what I am doing.

If you could not do all that you do, will you still love you?

I have learnt to forgive myself daily. When we talk about forgiveness, it is mostly about forgiving others or being forgiven by others. I have realized that it is very possible to be forgiven by others but still we cannot find a way to forgive ourselves. Personally, I know how I hate to making mistakes, but I am learning that I am not perfect. I will make mistakes and I have to forgive myself, learn the lesson and do better next time. In addition, I have also learnt that, God forgives. I hear someone saying: Eh, I know that. I am talking about God saying; ‘My child, I forgive you. Don’t do it again; and I am not punishing you either’. I remember there were times when I would fall short of God’s glory, and after I have reported myself to Him, I will stand, waiting for my punishment. But now I know that, when God forgives, He can forgive me without giving me the punishment I deserve. He can waive it. Is this all the time? No! It’s His decision to make, and I should not be doing trial and error to find out when I will have to face the consequences of my actions and otherwise.

How merciful do you think God is? Is your perspective of His mercy limited?

I have a mentor in the Holy Spirit. I have learnt so much from the Holy Spirit. He has taught me how to speak in different situations, how to react. He has taught me how to see people from a lens that is not visible to all. I have so many people I learn from daily, but I learn the most, from the Holy Spirit. Communicating with Him, has been bliss. In no way do I intend to be cheesy, but the Holy Spirit is my best friend. I cannot go anywhere without Him. We have inside jokes, and He knows me better than I know myself. I can boldly tell you that if not for the Holy Spirit, I would have been in so many brouhahas. Take my word for it.

Who is the Holy Spirit to you?

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Contentment is very possible and attainable. It is not mediocrity either; it’s being thankful for the now, maximizing today, while in anticipation for tomorrow. I do not need to have all I want before I can be contented. I have learnt that I can maximize what I have before I get what I want. I have also learnt that I won’t find contentment when I step into another person’s path. I am graced to be me, trying to be someone else, leads to disgrace.

How often are you thankful for your now?

Princess, Let go! I am learning to let go, it is not my forte. I love to carry ‘everyone’ along. But, everyone cannot fit into my boat, it will sink. I am learning that I do not have to carry everyone along. It’s okay, to leave some people behind. It’s okay not to give an explanation to someone/somebody. It’s okay if someone/somebody does not understand what I do and why I do what I do, and when and where I do what I do. It’s very okay!

Still trying to please everyone?

I will stop here….. TO BE CONTINUED

I hope you are well and in sound mind? Feel free to add to the above list, we learn everyday. We grow everyday.

Let your light keep shining!


You has never existed before you. Own you. Make sure you is the best version of you!

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Princess Okechukwu!


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