Ever Known A Better Yesterday?

I cannot be the only one who has had this nagging thought about how there have been better yesterdays. C’mon, even the Israelites felt that way when they had crossed the Red Sea (Exodus 16 v 1 -3), that is precedence, right?

For context sake, yesterday represents the good times, the triumphs we have enjoyed before our present reality, the control we had over certain stages/areas of our lives and this goes beyond the effects of the pandemic as well.

A picture of a time in my ‘yesterday’, when I visited Prague….

So, when I had this thought of a ‘better yesterday’, I sat down with myself and really reflected on if there is any truth to such thought; and if yes, why. And I will share with you what I learnt:

  • A Feeling of a Better Yesterday is Fuelled By Your Focus – when I took a holistic view of my life – my finances, personal development, spiritual life, career, business, etc, I found out that each area had some triumphs as well as some challenges. But there were some areas, that looked stagnant, and the seemingly stagnant areas were my gauge for a ‘better yesterday’. You know that temptation to judge your life based on that breakthrough that has not happened yet? Yeah, that’s the liar! This can also look like wishing to study the bible how you did years ago – wishing to replicate the same experiences from the past, even when you are still growing in the word, but it has taken a different form. What are you focusing on?
  • Who I Was Yesterday Cannot Produce The Results Needed For Today and Tomorrow – in the last two years, I have been forced to grow. Emphasis on the FORCED. I say forced because, if I did not grow/change/evolve, I would be deceiving myself desiring the plans placed on my heart. What I have learnt and come to know about myself, purpose and place in Abba’s plans on earth, requires an evolving. That better yesterday cannot thrive in comparison to what is to come.
  • What Remains Is Enough For a Better Today and Tomorrow – with and without the pandemic, there have been losses, disappointments, pain, failure, mistakes, heartbreaks, hope deferred, frustrations, tears, depression, loss of mind, emotional and relational strain, etc, you just name it and add to the list. But it is not how your story ends, and it is not all that is going on in you and through you. There are miracles being birth in you. You are becoming a light to lighten the burden of another. You are becoming more like Christ. You are learning what does not work for you. You are learning how to show up even when you do not feel like it. You are growing, and the negatives don’t get the last word. Christ has redeemed them for your good and God’s glory.
  • A Better Yesterday Is Not Approved By The Bible – there are many stories to draw upon to show that a better yesterday is not God’s style, but I will choose the life of Christ. His birth, growing, his ministry, his death, his resurrection and even how he shows up for us today, is a testament of the truth that a better yesterday is not your story, and should never be. The life of Christ was not rosy, not the anointing he carried or the assignment he fulfilled, and he still champions a greater today and tomorrow for us.
"This temple [insert your name] is going to end up far better than it started out, a glorious beginning but an even more glorious finish: a place in which I will hand out wholeness and holiness,' Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies." Haggai 2 v 9 MSG.

Prophet Haggai was tasked with getting God’s people to work at rebuilding God’s Temple, and this verse was a charge over their work, and it is still a charge over you today. You need to see it.

A better yesterday can never match up to the best still unfolding today. Stay encouraged!

Merry Christmas and I wish you God’s heart for you in year 2022!



4 thoughts on “Ever Known A Better Yesterday?

  1. Kelechi says:

    This is quite thoughtful. I paused for a while as I read through the piece to consider some events (past, present, future); as beautiful as the past is (so many things to be grateful for), much more beautiful is the present and the future. It can only get better as we move on…


  2. Enock Laplante says:

    Inspiring.! My yesterday is full of glorious moments. Funny enough I have Prague in the list too. But I have over the years that reminiscing the past is not always a good thing, although there are plenty of lessons to learn. Life is a bicycle, to keep our balance we need to keep moving forward. The devil likes to remind us of the bad stuffs we did in our past, our response should to remind him of his future. While we can’t go back to the past, we have the power to shape our future. The best way to live is to have an overview of what we have accomplished and where we are heading with the hope of doing better than yesterday. Our God knows the future, all we need to do is trust Him.




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