You are Invited…

I come bearing some exciting news.

I don’t know if you have heard what’s buzzing everywhere. Do we still use the word ‘buzzing’ these days? I cannot keep track. And there I go, digressing.

Have you heard of the great event taking place virtually on April 22, 2021, that is a Thursday? It’s the TEDx event with the University of South Wales. Does the university ring a bell? Well, the University of South Wales is my Alma mater. I earned my Bachelors of Law there.

The University of South Wales is hosting a virtual TEDx event themed ‘Tomorrow’ and it is free. Your only responsibility is to register for your free tickets here:

Your girl is speaking….

And the other exciting news is that I have been offered an opportunity to share an idea that I have been executing over the course of the pandemic. In plain English terms, I will be one of the TEDx speakers on Thursday, April 22, 2021. I know it will be an amazing event where you and I can get to listen and get inspired by the ideas of great minds from all facets of life. It will also be an opportunity for you to hear about one of the things I have been up to while being incommunicado on here.

My talk is scheduled for session 3 slot

The TEDx event starts from 10am GMT (6am EST/11am WAT), and my talk is scheduled to air in session 3, between 4pm GMT (12pm EST/5pm WAT) and 5pm GMT (1pm EST/6pm WAT). If you ask me, that sounds like a good time to take a break.

Oh! and you are wondering what I talk about, right? Well, my talk is titled: ‘Adopt a Senior’. It’s a talk on a community engagement initiative where youths and young adults are urged to make use of everyday tools to help alleviate the increasing rate of loneliness amongst seniors. I share my experience and the resulting benefits as well. I am trying not to give away too much, can you tell?

So, you are cordially invited to take the front seats at your laptops, TVs, phones, tablets, Ipads and your respective gadgets. I will be looking forward to sensing your presence (Well, I am not too sure about the specific nature of the platform yet). I hope you are able to make time work for you to attend.

See (or sense) you!

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