YOU’VE GOT A LETTER: Waiting/Resting isn’t passivity

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Dearest PT,

It’s been a minute on here; I hope this letter meets you in sound mind. Lately, I have been burdened to write this letter to you. I feel when I make a post in the form of a letter; it gets personal; like I am pouring out my heart to you or reaching out to you.

I was pondering on something I posted on my Instagram page, here, particularly about rest, and I feel the need to follow-up on it as there’s room for misunderstanding the concept and actuality of rest (not the physical/natural rest). The summary of the posts is that ‘in resting, God performs His best work’. In as much as, that’s true, recently, I have felt that, that’s an incomplete message. I just put out a ‘skeleton argument’, and I hope this letter puts more flesh to the bony message.

The notion I may have passed on was that, resting was inactivity on a person’s part, while God worked. Well, that’s just part one of REST. The sequence to part one is that, you don’t play a passive role while you rest. I know that sounds contradictory, but you will understand better as you read on.

REST is needed from work, that’s a foundational fact. When we read the bible in Genesis 2 v 8, we see that God rested from all the work of creation. As we live on this earth, every day that is presented to us to us, is an opportunity to create. We are made in God’s image; therefore, we are built with the ability to create. With these abilities, comes our goals and purpose. We find our purpose on earth and we get on track ready to fulfill purpose. While on that track, you hear; ‘I’m stuck’, ‘It feels like there is no way forward’. I am very sure you are familiar with these statements. At this time, resting is one of the next best things that you would choose to engage in.

I don’t have to sing a song to you about how life happens; you have experienced enough to last a lifetime. But you ‘rest into’ a way forward. I remember blogging about how God shows you the promise but not the challenges, here. Since, we know that, what next? Yes, we stay steadfast- watching and praying, but we stay active in God and purpose while we rest.

REST isn’t watching your best soaps 24/7.

REST isn’t sleeping till noon or evening just because there is nothing that requires your attention.

No! That’s not rest. That is slothfulness. Resting is not a passive occupation but an active and hopeful orientation towards the activity of God for which there is no present evidence. Not counseled passivity or quietism.

A point of rest is place of discovery and revitalization. You are active but resting. You are active in a way that, you are doing something, but it looks like you are doing nothing because it doesn’t feel like an action in line with purpose. It feels like a waste of time; but it’s not. You are just a man who has learnt to dance to your own music even when the singers have stopped singing. You have learnt to produce your own rhythm and trust me; God cannot wait to endow you with all you need for the next phase.

So when it feels like there’s an interruption to the plan, don’t just sit down and ask ‘why me?’ When the unexpected happens, it’s okay to take a break; but never satisfactory to back down. You are a winner. Show me the stuff you are made of- winner traits.

While Adam was asleep [resting], being involved in something different from what was purpose for him, in that moment in engaging in something different, there was a bursting forth- Eve. Can I just say that, Eve came from Adam not outside of him or somewhere else, but from within him. Do you see the revelation there? Destiny is in you. Purpose is in you and it will come forth. The obstacles are not there to show you that YOU cannot birth purpose. No. They are there to explore resources in you that a straight road won’t accommodate. Do you think Adam would ever have imagined that his rib can produce another being, if not for the deep sleep [resting/the detour]. But you see, while he slept, he was not alone. God was with him in resting.

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Stay ready!

However, I have to stress that it is okay, very okay, to need help. I know it feels good to have your path cut out and having not to depend on anyone. True. But, it’s okay to tell yourself that; ‘I need help’, not because you became dull suddenly, or lost touch with reality. No! There is something about fulfilling purpose that requires the need for destiny helpers. Before I trail off the course, let me say this: everyone or anyone isn’t a destiny helper. You owe yourself and God the duty to discern who the destiny helpers are. It is very important that you know the chaff from the wheat because, they serve different purposes. Very different purposes, and give very different results. That you need help does not make you a desperate scavenger looking for any kind of help. No, here, we don’t sell our birthrights for plates of porridge.

The three men that Abraham fed, Jonathan are examples of destiny helpers. The three men in Genesis 18 brought the information of the specific time frame of the fulfillment of the promise-Isaac. Jonathan was watching David’s back and informing him of the state of affairs with his father, Saul. In the case of Adam, God was the destiny helper, considering there was no human on earth then, but we know that God’s position in the fulfillment of purpose never changes. In this time of rest, you will meet people who will believe in your purpose, who will invest in your purpose, but this won’t happen if you believe that, resting is a state of inactivity. You have to be doing something. I remember David being in the cave of Adullam [aka rest venue/wilderness] and he was commander of those who were in distress or debt there. [1 Samuel 22 v 2] This shows you that a season changing does not change destiny/purpose. Whether up or down, you are still great. Remember you are the Psalm 1 man.

You can be at the top of your game today and down tomorrow; I do not want you to be that Christian who gives up because the tides changed. I know it gets hard, tough, I mean nobody understands how it feels, what you are going through. But remember, that the resurrection power residing in you, doesn’t remove you from the sweat and tears of our humanity into some paradise where the gritty quality of our ordinary daily lives is left far behind us. We would like that. Sometimes, we think this happens to other people. But it doesn’t. The miracle of Christ’s resurrection power residing in us isn’t that we are delivered from our present circumstances; it’s that we are transformed by them.

The detours are to transform you. The resting is to transform you. The obstacles are to transform you. You go through these phases to come out an overcomer. Set your mind on that- I WILL COME OUT OF THIS AN OVERCOMER! And you will.

I want you to read this letter with the understanding that RESTING isn’t inactivity with slothfulness. You are not stuck. You are moving, that you don’t feel it; doesn’t impede your movement. God is your anchor. He is leading you. He is walking with you.

Stay grounded in Him. You are an overcomer!

Lots of love.

P.S: Shout out to Frances and Precious for checking up on me. Thanks ladies!

I have not been blogging as frequently as I would love to, because, I’ve been preparing for a missions trip to Haiti, amidst other things [to be said in the future]. Yaay! So at the end of this month, I will be leaving for Haiti, to serve as God will have me, and experience Him in a different way, for 10days. I am informing you now as I cannot really foretell how the remaining days to come will unfold, but if it happens that you don’t see a post for a while, you know what’s happening. But if I can get a post up before my departure, I will do so. All I request from you- please keep me and my team in your prayers. [Thank you] I hope to do a post on how it happened that I’m embarking on this trip, the lessons, revelations and every necessary detail.

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. Romans 8 v 28 [MSG]

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Princess Okechukwu!

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