YOU’VE GOT A LETTER: Waiting/Resting isn’t passivity

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Dearest PT,

It’s been a minute on here; I hope this letter meets you in sound mind. Lately, I have been burdened to write this letter to you. I feel when I make a post in the form of a letter; it gets personal; like I am pouring out my heart to you or reaching out to you.

I was pondering on something I posted on my Instagram page, here, particularly about rest, and I feel the need to follow-up on it as there’s room for misunderstanding the concept and actuality of rest (not the physical/natural rest). The summary of the posts is that ‘in resting, God performs His best work’. In as much as, that’s true, recently, I have felt that, that’s an incomplete message. I just put out a ‘skeleton argument’, and I hope this letter puts more flesh to the bony message.

The notion I may have passed on was that, resting was inactivity on a person’s part, while God worked. Well, that’s just part one of REST. The sequence to part one is that, you don’t play a passive role while you rest. I know that sounds contradictory, but you will understand better as you read on. Continue reading