Raise the Roof!!

Source- Google!

Source- Google!


I have to say that being excited has to be the most sensational feeling ever; well after the ‘being in love’ feeling. Lol. So Yes, I think I’ve had a feel of that feeling that comes with ‘raising the roof’. The excitement. The screams of joy. The overjoyed people around you. The sound from the band. The lyrics of the song digging dip into your soul. And Oh! The tears. Yes, there is proof that you can get excited to the point of tears. The proof – Me! It would’ve been quite ‘weird’ for me to take a picture/video of that moment though, apart from the fact that at that moment nothing else made sense around, I was in awe of the presence of God, I just cannot imagine what the content of the video will be like,  ‘Hey guys! See me I’m in tears and I’m excited’. Oh no!

Where was the ‘roof raised’? It was live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto. It was just this past Thursday. It was Joyce Meyer’s Conference and Worship with Israel Houghton. Yes! That was a dope, thrilling event, right there.  You see, I do not mess about when it comes to appreciating the gift of God in the lives of  people. I get super excited. Indeed, God is beautiful. He just has to be. No doubt. The joy from attending the event is really overflowing. I could be slapped now, and instead of frowning or getting angry, I will burst into laughter. It’s that real, folks.

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