Raise the Roof!!

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Source- Google!


I have to say that being excited has to be the most sensational feeling ever; well after the ‘being in love’ feeling. Lol. So Yes, I think I’ve had a feel of that feeling that comes with ‘raising the roof’. The excitement. The screams of joy. The overjoyed people around you. The sound from the band. The lyrics of the song digging dip into your soul. And Oh! The tears. Yes, there is proof that you can get excited to the point of tears. The proof – Me! It would’ve been quite ‘weird’ for me to take a picture/video of that moment though, apart from the fact that at that moment nothing else made sense around, I was in awe of the presence of God, I just cannot imagine what the content of the video will be like,  ‘Hey guys! See me I’m in tears and I’m excited’. Oh no!

Where was the ‘roof raised’? It was live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto. It was just this past Thursday. It was Joyce Meyer’s Conference and Worship with Israel Houghton. Yes! That was a dope, thrilling event, right there.  You see, I do not mess about when it comes to appreciating the gift of God in the lives of  people. I get super excited. Indeed, God is beautiful. He just has to be. No doubt. The joy from attending the event is really overflowing. I could be slapped now, and instead of frowning or getting angry, I will burst into laughter. It’s that real, folks.

Being this excited about the whole experience, I said what other way can I make good use of such joy, than to share from Mrs Meyer’s teaching that night.

Before she went into the Main teaching of the evening, she shared the testimony of how she and her husband were called into the ministry and she struggled with trusting God concerning finances for the home. When God told her to quit her full-time job, she did quit the job and looked for a part-time job. And basically what happened was that ‘A wonderful employee as she was in her full-time job, the one everyone liked, the one that was promoted’ was fired at the part-time job because most of the things she handled were destroyed. Lol. Very relatable. I’m sure anyone can relate with her story, especially when God tells us to do certain things and we decided to do it our way and forget that He is powerful enough to bring you back to where He wants you to be. Well, Jonah’s story in the Bible , is another example.

She went on to say that:

If you are somewhere you don’t want to be right now. Don’t leave till God releases you. If you leave, you’ll get a new version of the test in the future’

”Go will give you the little first, before He brings the big. And you’ve to be faithful with the little for the big to come”

The theme for the night was ‘WHO IS GOD?’

She went on to mention the names of God attributed to him from the experiences from the 66 books of the Bible. But I didn’t get everything and I was too excited that I totally forgot that I could have recorded the sermon on my phone. But here’s the lil’ I was able to pen down:

Everytime you feel peace, that’s God- He’s the prince of peace

Everytime a baby is born, that’s God- He is the giver of life.

He is all-powerful. He knows everything.

God is YAHWEH- I am. Exodus 3:14. We need to learn how to do life with God. God isn’t a sideline, He is the mainline. God wasn’t born and He cannot die.

She went on to say that, ‘We shouldn’t take a chance at weeping and gnashing of teeth by displeasing God, because we do not have so much time left on earth.’


  • It will take more faith to be an atheist than to be a Christian.
  • Trust God without borders
  • Nobody has anything that they didn’t get from God.
  • We are not the owners of anything. We are only Stewards.
  • Don’t be satisfied with a little bit of head knowledge of God. Work to know God deeply.
  • You’re not lucky when good things happen, you are blessed. Get rid of the word ‘Luck’.

And that’s a wrap!

It was definitely an amazing time in the presence of God. Now that’s how you raise the roof!

Also I want you to know that there’s so much fun in Christ. It is not boring at all. The lows. The highs. The joy. The teary moments. Everything in Christ is beautiful. I’ve tried Him and He has come through for me AT ALL TIMES. God loves you more than you can ever think of, but He won’t force you to accept Him. If you’ve not accepted Him, don’t leave it till tomorrow, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. [All you have to do is say a prayer to God in your own words telling him to take His place in your life, that you may know Him] And if you’ve accepted Christ into your life, I urge you to live your life for Him in a manner that accurately shows Christ to the world as He is.

A wise man once said ‘A Christ that is not intimately known cannot be accurately shown’– Robert Madu. Word!

Also, I’m very aware of how important it is to read the bible. A daughter of God, Kanayo of www.doctorknayo.com has a new Bible Challenge titled #SamsonChallenge. It has devotional content and helps with going through the book of Judges with other passages that complement the lessons from the book of Judges. This Challenge is available as an App on the YouVersion Bible App. All you have to do is search for ‘Samson Challenge’ in the ‘Plans section’ of the YouVersion App, and you are good to go.

I’m recommending it because it’s been a blessing since I started the Challenge, and I believe we cannot just read the Word of God once. We need to press ‘repeat’ when it comes to the Bible. There are countless times when I’ve read a passage and I’ve had different revelations and understanding from a passage I may have read three times. So folks, you can’t get enough of the Word of God.

P.S This post is not a publicity scheme. I’ve shared these points and recommendation, out of my own volition! 

Have you read my last post?

Chinomnso Precious!


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