Do you know….. (1)? [Bridal Shower]


Tea Party/ Bridal shower. More finger foods were added. I took this picture too early..


Spontaneity has its moment of failure and success. But this spontaneous move is expected to be that of the latter- Success. By the way, what is failure? An avenue to find another way to do something better. So if you ask me, it’s a win-win situation!

So what’s the spontaneous move?

This new segment ‘Do you know?’. This will be one where I share a new thing that I’ve come into knowledge of. I’m sure it will be an exciting segment for you to read and for me to share.  Also, this is a spontaneous move because last week, I had two people [my friends] ask questions about ‘what happens in a bridal shower’; considering that I had just attended one, which was a first for me as well. The guy asked, ‘So what happens in a bridal shower? which one is bridal shower again?’; while the lady asked; ‘What is the itinerary of a bridal shower?’ in order to plan for her friend’s. So then, the idea of this post stems from the fact that there is someone/people who may not have a proper idea of what takes place in a bridal shower or what it is aimed at. I did not know what takes place in a bridal shower until last week. I know there are some movies that have scenes of it, but there’s only so much a movie can show [time constraint].

Also, if you are someone who does not get out that often like me, you can pick up one or two things too.

Cheesecake. Bride-to-be's favourite!

Cheesecake. Bride-to-be’s favourite!

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held in honour of a bride-to-be in anticipation for her wedding.  I did a lil’ research and found that: “The custom of the bridal shower is said to have grown out of earlier dowry practices, when a poor woman’s family might not have the money to provide a dowry for her, or when a father refused to give his daughter her dowry because he did not approve of the marriage.In such situations, friends of the woman would gather together and bring gifts that would compensate for the dowry and allow her to marry the man of her choice.’ [I believe this is in terms of the Indians, where the bride pays the dowry]”

A bridal shower is meant for ladies only.

So the bridal shower I attended was that of a friend in church. It was a surprise. It was organised by the bridesmaids, but I have to say that the groom also helped in the small chops as well. While we had music playing in the background, the MC asked us [the ladies] to get to chat up with someone we have not seen in a long time, get to know five things about them, while she went to get the bride-to-be [remember it’s a surprise]

Also, as we made our way into the room, there was a white board with the inscription, ‘What makes Camille beautiful?’. On that board, the guest wrote what they personally felt was beautiful about the bride-to-be, after which the board will be given to her.

A lot more was written before I left..

A lot more was written before I left..

After the arrival of the bride-to-be, we played three games:

  • We were asked 11 questions about the bride-to-be, varying from where she and the groom-to-be met to, what’s her shoe size to what animal’s picture she has in her bedroom? *sighs* Trust me! I passed from behind. 6/11. My excuse- I’ve only been in my church for 3months and got an IV as I’m a lady. Don’t get me wrong, I know the lady but not to her bedroom wall. The funny thing is the ladies were not smiling, they made use of the left hand properly, covering their answers. You’d think it was JAMB or GCSE. lol
  • The second game was for the ladies to individually say what makes them beautiful.
  • The last game, we were given tissue paper to make a dress that we felt the bride-to-be will love or would be wearing for her wedding, in a group of five. I did not take pictures of all the ‘model statues’ as I did not know I was going to blog about it, and I was one of the ‘model statues’ too.

    Someone called me 'Lazarus'. Lazarus come forth! lol. Dress designers at work

    Someone called me ‘Lazarus’. Lazarus come forth! lol. Dress designers at work

Oh! And while all the activities were going on, mouths were munching.

We had a Minister’s wife in our midst and she brought the Word. She spoke about Esther. She encouraged the ladies and most especially the bride-to-be, to build up her inner beauty most importantly, not neglecting the outer; but making sure that inner radiates. I’m sure we’ve met people who are astoundingly physically attractive, but when you get to know them, their character sends you on a trip of no return.

One remarkable advice she gave from the story of Esther was the fact that, when the Queens [Vashti and Esther] had problems, they had different responses. When Vashti didn’t like to be shown off, she walked away from the king; but when Esther had an issue with Haman’s plan against her people, she went to the king. In order words, in a marriage as a wife, when there are things bothering you, you should tell your husband. You are one. Don’t walk away or keep it to yourself [It’s a two-way advice for both spouses]. I love this lesson because it was an open secret in the story of Esther that I had never thought of.

After that, a letter from the groom-to-be was read to the bride-to-be by one of the ladies. It was a very touching and mesmerizing one. And he requested that her favourite song be played as well. Then, he rflatmate played the guitar to one of the songs they [bride-to-be and the flatmate] had played together  when they used to upload videos on YouTube.

A picture of the picture of the Couple! hehehehe

A picture of the picture of the Couple! hehehehe

La fin!! The End!!  That’s what happens in a bridal shower, I believe. Well! The bridal shower I attended. Oh! I dare not forget to say that gifts were brought for the bride-to-be. I personally feel that as long as you can afford a gift, turning up empty-handed is a no-no, only if it’s a very exceptional circumstance of not being aware of the event and you happened to be passing by.

Ladies, Have you attended a bridal shower? Was anything done differently? Do you like the idea of a bridal shower?

Guys, Is a bachelor’s party similar to a bridal shower in any way?

I will like to read your thoughts. I hope this post has helped someone in one way or the other, be it, the curious guy who wants to know what takes place in a bridal shower, the lady who has never been to a bridal shower or the lady looking for ideas for the organization of a bridal shower.

Have you read my last post?

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Have an amazing day!

Chinomnso Precious!

4 thoughts on “Do you know….. (1)? [Bridal Shower]

  1. Ennybae says:

    Thanks dear for this post. Quite enlightening for someone like me who hasn’t attended one, & to know it’s always a surprise for the bride, hmmm. This is when you know how much your friends value & appreciate you cause friends that don’t love you sure wouldn’t throw you one. Thank again P


    • Loool Ennybae, Friends may decide to take the BTB to Dubai for shopping instead of doing a bridal shower. lol. Yeah, most times, it is supposed to be a surprise but some brides get to know about it before the day. Thanks for reading dear.


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