Child, Put On Your Robe!

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I have read the story of the prodigal son many times, and different things stood out to me. I believe this story just reveals to us how God’s love is constant, not dependent on our frailties.

At different times in our lives, we take the ‘prodigal’ path, and when we decide to retrace our steps, we feel we have to be servants before we become heirs, again. But that’s the amazing thing about our Father’s love and grace, it does not have to be like that. He is ready when we are ready to come home. Continue reading

WIGTW: ‘Every Christian Should know these….’

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Happy New Month!

I am not an ardent promoter of the ‘Theme for the month’ affair, not that I am against it, it is just what it is. But, I am so revved up for this month, as the Lord specifically dropped a word in my Spirit, and I will like to share with you, and hopefully, we can key into it prayerfully.

December is our month of laughter. The Lord is blessing us with laughter, and all who will get the news of His workings will laugh with us. God is invading our lives with new life, that will change who we are, in a manner that will be a point of lifetime recognition of His supremacy. He is crowning your steadfastness in pleasing Him despite the odds, with an astounding fulfillment of His promises to you. Amen. Genesis 21 v 6

Today’s WIGTW is one where we talk about certain things I have found out and kept to myself, not because I was being stingy with the knowledge, but because I felt, ‘Well, every christian knows this, why be a broken record’. But if there’s anything the Holy Spirit is teaching me and helping me do, is to let go of the mindset of assuming that everyone knows these things. Continue reading

HELP! I Can’t Let Go……

let go1

When I asked for help…

Or Rhema from my hair change!

I didn’t want to discourage the brothers from reading this post, so I chose a better ‘accommodating’ title, as stated above.

When I was leaving the UK, it was hard carrying all my belongings that I had acquired throughout my stay. The baggage allowance of the flight was limited. So I had to give some things away to charity and friends. But there were two sets of hair moisturizing conditioners, which I vehemently refused to leave behind. They were 1 liter each. The truth is, there was no space for these conditioners, but I was not having it; they had to come with me. I loved this conditioner because it had this stingy, menthol like feeling when I applied it to my head; and I love that feeling. Continue reading

How frequently do you ask yourself the ‘why’ question(s)?

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Hello PT!

There have been numerous times when I have seen married couples look like each other, most times, you find couples that have been together for quite a long time, look like siblings. There are those who are just getting married and they already look-alike, and I’m like- ‘Can someone explain how that happens?’ Like really, please explain in the comments section. I want to know why and if possible, the theory behind such a mystery. Thank you!

But you see, there is this mystery that we [christians] come to terms with, as we journey with the Lord….‘And we are transfigured much like Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.’ 2 Corinthians 3:18. Continue reading

Random: Nuggets of Wisdom!

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Hello Amazing People!

Happy New Month to you! Wow! It’s the tenth month already. October is a very special month. In just a few sentences, let me tell you why this month is different…..It is my birth month. And I’m a Nigerian, we celebrate our independence in this month as well. 1st day precisely. Happy Independence my Nigerian Readers….Yeah! For these reasons alone, October is special. It is my prayer that in this new month the Lord will cause everything that has defied His existence in our lives, to align to His purpose and bring glory to His name. In Jesus name. Amen.

So I just had a thought, that it has been a long time I made a ‘random thought post’ since the last one.

Side thought: So I was just thinking maybe at the beginning of every month, I should do a ‘random thought’ post, recapping the lessons of the previous month. So I will work on this. Tell me what you think about this as well…

So let’s dig in to the wisdom nuggets….. Continue reading

Do you know….. (1)? [Bridal Shower]


Tea Party/ Bridal shower. More finger foods were added. I took this picture too early..


Spontaneity has its moment of failure and success. But this spontaneous move is expected to be that of the latter- Success. By the way, what is failure? An avenue to find another way to do something better. So if you ask me, it’s a win-win situation!

So what’s the spontaneous move?

This new segment ‘Do you know?’. This will be one where I share a new thing that I’ve come into knowledge of. I’m sure it will be an exciting segment for you to read and for me to share.  Also, this is a spontaneous move because last week, I had two people [my friends] ask questions about ‘what happens in a bridal shower’; considering that I had just attended one, which was a first for me as well. The guy asked, ‘So what happens in a bridal shower? which one is bridal shower again?’; while the lady asked; ‘What is the itinerary of a bridal shower?’ in order to plan for her friend’s. So then, the idea of this post stems from the fact that there is someone/people who may not have a proper idea of what takes place in a bridal shower or what it is aimed at. I did not know what takes place in a bridal shower until last week. I know there are some movies that have scenes of it, but there’s only so much a movie can show [time constraint].

Also, if you are someone who does not get out that often like me, you can pick up one or two things too.

Continue reading