What To Expect When……

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…….You log on to ‘Precious Thoughts’

This post is four weeks late, but I am glad it’s finally making it up here. Where have I been? I have been mentally preparing myself for the year and more.  I have been fighting battles on my feet and on my knees. I have been planning and visualizing more on what I want ‘Precious Thoughts’ to be like. And it is time to start what I have been drawing up in my imagination. It’s definitely not the earliest start I wanted, but I am done dreaming; and it’s time to do the work, nevertheless.

I am really thankful for my little platform, and in my being thankful, I have been brainstorming, praying and strategizing on what needs to stay, be left out and modified. So I have been asking myself: How can I do better?
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2016: Close Enough to Hear Him Breathe…

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Just last night I had told my friend that the time was 9:54pm, it felt like only 5minutes had gone by, but the next time we looked at the time, it was 10:21pm. I was marveled at first, then scared at how those minutes had gone so fast. I expressed my shock by voicing out these words to her: ‘Jesus Christ’s second coming is definitely here, already’. If that isn’t the truth, I wonder what else stands as the truth anymore.

I guess what I am trying to point out to you in the above paragraph is that year 2016 is here and isn’t in the habit of moving at anyone’s pace.

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Yes, I am a Christian, and I do not have it all together!


d1‘Can we be honest with each other?’

It is no news that it’s easy to talk about the good, the merriment and successes we experience, but when it’s time to be vulnerable or transparent in sharing the mistakes we have made or sad experiences we have gone through, we close up. We mask up with smiles, dishing out the notion that everything is alright. Is it really?

Well, let’s just say that I admit that plain transparency is not my forte, but I will not sell the notion that I have everything together. Yes! I am a Christian, and I do not have it all together; hence the reason I need Superman Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Help! I can’t hear Him speak…


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Three weeks ago, I had an evening service at a place I had once visited, and as I got on the bus, I remembered: ‘I don’t know the bus stop to get off at’. Well, I was all over the place before leaving home, that I totally forgot that I needed to check for the bus stop, as the bus stop I was to get off has a different name from the street of the place.

So I asked HIM, and He said: ‘Get off at the fifth bus stop’.  We got to the fifth bus stop, but I hesitated, I looked around but it did not look like a place I had been to before, bear in mind, this was at 10pm, so it was dark. While I hesitated, the traffic light worked in my favor and it changed to red. I walked up to the driver and asked: “Is the opposite stop, Milvan Drive?”

He replied: ‘Yes!’

Then I got off. As I walked to the venue, He said: ‘So you really had to ask the driver first, before believing? And you had to look around to be sure that it looked like the place too?

Then it dawned on me, what had just happened and I asked for forgiveness.

That experience made me understand how there could be a million reasons why we may not be able to hear God speak; and from my lil’ experience with God, I believe I can be able to share a few reasons why we may not hear God when He speaks and what we can do better as we grow in Christ. Continue reading


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I hope it’s not too late to say; ‘Happy New Month’. This post was supposed to be up a week ago, but I went silent. I just have some periods where I love to be silent on/away from social media/platforms, and that was what crept up on me, last week. However, something else was going on during my ‘silent period’. I was pumped up with pride. Pride? How? Continue reading

WHEN I GOT THIS WRONG: Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

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Yes, you are right!

We are starting a new segment on the blog today. I am certain this will be one segment that will help us appreciate how far we have come in our relationship with Christ, more like, an evaluation of our journey with the Holy Spirit, as He gives us understanding of the Word of God.

Also, this segment is open to all- Precious Thoughts’ readers can send in their ‘When I got this wrong’ stories to preciousthoughts2013@gmail.com. The aim of this segment is to help give accurate Godly understanding to certain biblical values and truth that we practice. It is not just okay to say ‘Don’t steal’; can we explain to a non-believer why we understand that stealing is a sin? Can we carry out the will of God knowing His mind or do we just do it nevertheless because it is in the bible?

This segment is aimed at propelling us to take the next step- understand the mind of God. If we cannot understand God, we cannot accurately represent Him and draw men to Him. I pray for continuous flow of insight from Christ, upon everyone that will be a part of this- both the readers and contributors. Amen.

Starting off today’s premiere of the new segment is when I got the meaning of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit wrong and the devil had a field day, as usual. I hope you laugh [maybe] and learn as you read this. Continue reading