2016: Close Enough to Hear Him Breathe…

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Just last night I had told my friend that the time was 9:54pm, it felt like only 5minutes had gone by, but the next time we looked at the time, it was 10:21pm. I was marveled at first, then scared at how those minutes had gone so fast. I expressed my shock by voicing out these words to her: ‘Jesus Christ’s second coming is definitely here, already’. If that isn’t the truth, I wonder what else stands as the truth anymore.

I guess what I am trying to point out to you in the above paragraph is that year 2016 is here and isn’t in the habit of moving at anyone’s pace.

Happy New Year, PT!

2015 was a remarkable year. I feel it is not out-of-place to say that we definitely took several steps to meet God, and we were not disappointed. But, this year, I want us to get close enough to hear God breathe. What will that look like? I do not know what strategies this will entail, but we will achieve this goal. Intentionally working on strategies, as the Lord releases the ideas.

If there is anything I learnt from the previous year, it is the beauty of intention. I was excited to see that I was not a backseat passenger in my life ride, I was intentional about some changes that was needed and they came to pass. I did not just request that God do something that I needed, but I prepared for the change I requested as He graced me.

I do not know how 2015 was for you, but if it was anything like mine, it would have had…

Moments of surprises

Moments of Joy

Moments of indifference

Moments of sadness and tears

Moments of victory

And with all these shifts of moments, I would not change any of them for any reason, because they were preparations for this year.

I hope that this year is one you are elevated to new heights as you constantly seek to become who Christ has called you to be, in your personal, marital, professional, social, spiritual lives.

I hope that this year, you give your all to everything  you penned down, and persevere in the presence of obstacles.

I hope that this year, you live a selfless life centered on becoming better to be instrumental in making life better for others.

I hope  that this year, you be the best steward of time, as we understand that it is the most powerful resource we have.

Above all, I wish you a year where you get close enough to God and hear Him breathe.

Lots of love,

Princess Okechukwu!

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