2016: Close Enough to Hear Him Breathe…

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Just last night I had told my friend that the time was 9:54pm, it felt like only 5minutes had gone by, but the next time we looked at the time, it was 10:21pm. I was marveled at first, then scared at how those minutes had gone so fast. I expressed my shock by voicing out these words to her: ‘Jesus Christ’s second coming is definitely here, already’. If that isn’t the truth, I wonder what else stands as the truth anymore.

I guess what I am trying to point out to you in the above paragraph is that year 2016 is here and isn’t in the habit of moving at anyone’s pace.

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But Are You Ready?


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Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight..

The above line, I have been pondering on, since I last sang the hymn on Sunday. It is no news that I don’t take words for granted. This post brought to light this fact. Apart from the tune, the main backbone of the existence of songs are words.

I have sung this hymn: It is well with my soul, so many times, but you will agree with me that there are times when words just penetrate the surface; it’s no longer the ‘default recitation’, the thought behind the lyrics is being pondered upon; and in those few moments, you are immersed into the spirit behind the song. Continue reading