YEAR 2015: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down…


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Hello! Hello!

Is it too early to be putting up this post, you may ask just like a part of me, is doing the same? Well, it’s never too early to take stock of events, to reflect on what is working, worked and did not work well; and put things in place to improve on the ‘thumbs down’.

I mentioned in a previous post that I will be putting up today’s post, I am glad that this day has finally come. If I am to describe this year in a few words, the best encapsulating word is Growth.

This year has been one of necessary growth; visible and invisible. Growth coated with pain and laughter; and with purpose.

The purpose of this post is to engage every reader and stir up a reflective attitude, to actively seek to do better and work towards doing so.

MY THUMBS UPHabits I formed/practiced that improved my well-being..

Journaling  Making use of a journal is not a new habit to me, what was different this year was journaling purposely and consciously. Before this year, I always had books I wrote plans or principles down but they were done nonchalantly, in the sense that, I could just keep the book somewhere or move it and not even notice its absence till months after, when I am searching for something and the book resurfaces. So it (journaling) was not done intently, then. This year has been different as I now understand the importance of ‘writing it down’, so my journal has different parts to it: Thanksgiving section [where I recount my day and what I am thankful for each day]; Vision section [where I have listed down what I believe God purposed for my existence]; Revelation section [where I write payers, revelations, promises and instructions that I receive from Abba]; Desires section [where I write what I want/need, specifically]; Plans and Strategies section [where I pen down my goals for the days, months, year; finance-wise, blog-wise etc]. Just to mention a few of the sections that exist in my journal. Having these different parts to my journal helped me to live a more intentional and productive life this year.

Getting a Study Bible  My Christmas gift to myself last year, was a Eugene H. Peterson, The Message Study Bible, and I must confess that it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Inasmuch as I love portable things, and this bible is quite big, it has enriched my life. And it has also spurred me on to read the bible in different versions, as there are times when it is necessary to read the word in another version other than the message version. Getting this study bible has also helped me break free from being bound to ‘compulsive devotional use’; that does not mean I don’t use devotionals, I am just more inclined to read my bible at different times. There was a time where I could not enjoy reading my bible without a devotional, but now the revelation from the Holy Spirit is more of my devotional, as I am now open to hear the Spirit of God speak to me directly, and in a way that is personal to me. [I hope this point is not misunderstood].

Meditation  I did not know I have been indulging in meditation until some weeks ago. I set out two hours on one day of the week, where I shut out everything, and just sit with my pen, journal and bible; and just get into myself, my thoughts, worries, expectations. For every time I did this, there was no schedule, I just went with the flow, as long as there was no ‘outside’ distraction. This act helps me get to meet myself and helps me get to know myself more. I have come to  understand that we live in a very noisy and opinionated atmosphere [world], and this act helps me evaluate and retrace my steps when ever it happens that I am stepping out of my path, or when I am doing less than I can do.

Volunteering  volunteering helped me understand that there’s more to life than just myself; there are others. It opened my eyes and heart to the revelation that in helping others or impacting lives with my presence and time, I am investing in myself as well. I understand that we are in an age where 24hours is not sufficient to do all that we plan to do, but I have tasted from the cup of giving my time to the benefit of another, and I must confess that it is very fulfilling. Volunteering has helped me know my strengths and weaknesses that I was not aware of, it has exposed me to certain things I was ignorant of… just to mention a few.

Walking by Faith and Obedience   These have been the highlight reel of this year, I am not sure I will be able to voice out accurately how walking by faith and obeying God has forever changed how I see God, and my relationship with Him. It is just surreal to experience what I read about in the bible. It just makes me understand the Word of God is life, and the people we read of in the bible are not just characters, but were human like us. Now I understand what Jesus Christ means in these words: ‘Greater works shall you do’ John 14 v 12. It takes trusting God wholehearted, WALKING by faith and obedience to be able to walk in the grace of exploits.

Facing my fears   Pulling a David on my Goliaths has been uber rewarding and exciting, it is motivating me to move above the limitations that existed with the illusion of how great the fears looked. Embarking on the CN Tower Climb, writing my exams, doing my driver’s test, and many more, have really motivated me to face whatever fears I have, with the understanding that fear is not of God, as He gives sound mind, power and love to His.


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MY THUMBS DOWN: Habits/thoughts that need to be worked on.

Consistency   I lost it with consistency, especially with blogging in the latter part of this year. The earlier part of this year was spot on, [if I must say] until things spiraled out of control [my excuse. Don’t judge me]. Knowing that this was a flop, I am working on  a strategy to see how to combat this, by getting a daily planner, and scheduling how I can consistently blog at set times, maybe twice a week or more.

Confidence   This may come as a shock to you [or maybe not], but I have not fully believed in this craft- inspirational blogging. I have had countless times where the Holy Spirit had to give me some serious talking to be confident about blogging. It showed in the ways I even publicized the posts [I, personally, knew this. I didn’t need a second opinion to know this truth]. So I will be praying specifically for confidence as well as doing the needful, to carrying out this assignment with boldness. Pray for me too, s’il vous plait!

Giving  Giving my time was a thumbs up, but somewhere within myself, I feel that I should have given more of resources. I could be speaking from my perfectionist side now, but I feel that when I had less I gave more. I am definitely going to work with the Holy Spirit on how to do better, in this area.

Reading   I wish I read more this year. I read a lot, but I feel I could have read a whole lot more.

Just to mention a few of the Thumbs up and Thumbs down of this year. You know I cannot put up everything, we may not have a full stop. So lets leave it at this. And of course, I know you have some Thumbs up and Thumbs down; and you also know that I will love to hear about them. So what are they? Feel free to occupy your territory in the comments’ sections; you own it.

Also, you have the bonus of telling me something you may have noticed on my part as well; either a Thumbs up or Thumbs down.

So cheers to finishing well, this year 2015!


An unexamined life is like a treadmill; there is action but no progress.

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Princess Okechukwu!


5 thoughts on “YEAR 2015: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down…

  1. Hiya Bubba.. Okkkaayy! @”Pray for me too, s’il vous plait!” We certainly shaalll.. 🙂 I mean you cannot give us soo much of your love and wisdom and we wihh not come and goan give you something back nah! so Pray we shall.

    So 2015 huh?! Great!! I mean its been a totally #ItcanonlybeGOD kinda year! and i looooovveee iT! **Sits up on Jangolova Chair! My Thumbs up would be listening to GOD in the silence of my mind more.. I mean the simple words and instructions have been spot on (As iondicated on my Room door #BraGGingRights)! and has made a man outta this 24 years 38 days old buoy and I mean (forgive me.. had to steal the new word you just taught me.. **Shines Teeth) its been SURREAL 🙂 GOD is GOD now and always.. His Wisdom and mercy (i defo dont deserve) is amazing to the Tee.. i mean Oshey! BaDDest!.

    My Thumbs Down!; My Self Control as regards Sex has been HoRRible this year! More or less ZEROOOO Sef!.. so.. that needs Boosting.

    That being Said.. Princess.. You are a ghen ghen writer.. and Human (Even if i say so myself) Biko dont think about what another “Might” say about how good or bad your work is… and about what you do (Using Blogging as case study) and just do the dang it. Just Dance like noboRRy eez watching Nne.. Oluwa Gats you.. and the crowd goes.. Oshey Pastor Duru 🙂 Cheers.. and Merry Christmas in advance…


    • Thank you, Duru. Your kind words are appreciated. Also, thanks for your honesty, sharing your thumbs up and down.

      As for the thumbs down, I will also pray for you. We all sure need strength for self control and wisdom to put in place strategies to help keep ourselves set apart till the ‘right time’.

      Merry Christmas!


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