YEAR 2015: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down…


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Hello! Hello!

Is it too early to be putting up this post, you may ask just like a part of me, is doing the same? Well, it’s never too early to take stock of events, to reflect on what is working, worked and did not work well; and put things in place to improve on the ‘thumbs down’.

I mentioned in a previous post that I will be putting up today’s post, I am glad that this day has finally come. If I am to describe this year in a few words, the best encapsulating word is Growth.

This year has been one of necessary growth; visible and invisible. Growth coated with pain and laughter; and with purpose.

The purpose of this post is to engage every reader and stir up a reflective attitude, to actively seek to do better and work towards doing so. Continue reading

And it’s a wrap!



I remember the time when I gave my life to Christ; now I mean, when I got to know Christ for myself not because I was born into a christian home, but really starting the journey with Christ. I could remember vividly that if I wanted to make a decision, all I knew to do was say; Lord, if this isn’t part of your will for me, let it not happen. And, whatever the outcome was, I was satisfied with it. But let’s fast forward to now, things are not strictly the same. You can call it change. You can call it growth.

Oh shoot! Where are my manners?

I salute you my PT! How was your Christmas celebration? Are you all set for the new year?

Okay! Let’s continue…. Continue reading