And it’s a wrap!



I remember the time when I gave my life to Christ; now I mean, when I got to know Christ for myself not because I was born into a christian home, but really starting the journey with Christ. I could remember vividly that if I wanted to make a decision, all I knew to do was say; Lord, if this isn’t part of your will for me, let it not happen. And, whatever the outcome was, I was satisfied with it. But let’s fast forward to now, things are not strictly the same. You can call it change. You can call it growth.

Oh shoot! Where are my manners?

I salute you my PT! How was your Christmas celebration? Are you all set for the new year?

Okay! Let’s continue….

I am not saying that I do not say my ‘newbie prayer’ anymore. I still do, at times, but reading the Word of God opens my understanding to know the heart of God in every situation. There are times when my ‘newbie prayer’ does not suffice. It’s okay to be like Gideon, but it is imperative that we leave the milk and start crunching the bones. And you have to be ready to migrate. I Cor 3:2

2015 is knocking, and we are beckoning. Pardon me to say that it is a new year for us but still the continuation of time for God. I mean God knows we are all excited about the new year [You have every right to be], but I feel it’s a continuation of seasons. Psalm 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8 makes us understand that, with God, one day is as good as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day. 

I know you have taken note of the ‘New Year, New Me’ talk. New Year Resolutions. New Year Goals. My take? I am literally smiling, giving whoever a thumbs up and saying- whatever rocks your boat!

But you see, we need to take note:

  • The beginning of the new year won’t automatically wipe away the tests and trials. If it isn’t time for the testimonies, it could possibly be that part 2 or 3 of the tests is taking over. So chin up. Put on your breastplate of faith. Be armored with patience. And spice up with praise, anticipating the phase of testimonies. They will certainly come.
  • You are going into the 20-15 and you still do not know how to keep things to yourself and God. Think again. You feel the need to tell someone this and that is happening. The sympathy that people give is your fuel, then a wake up call is essential. I hope that you get to understand that some things are better left with yourself and God. Sometimes, even family doesn’t count in the ‘imperative sharing game’.
  • Need I add that if the urge to make every other person see that your life is great is your priority, then we need to talk. Social media are good. But just as moderation is key in all that we do, moderation in the social media department is essential. And if you still sulk about why your life is not as perfect as person A’s on IG, Facebook and the likes, then let me ring this bell once again- It may appear to be so, but it may not be so. Focus on you. If you spent more time doing the work than stalking, I am sure that imperfectly perfect life will appear. May I also add that, all is not as it seems.



  • If for 2015, part of the goal is to make more friends, I can only hope that you are adding the ‘friends of value’ tag as well. At this time of this century, your time should be expensive. Also, appearing friendly would do a whole lot of good.
  • Oh! If you have to run from every sign of discomfort at this stage, I am inclined to ask- what are you? an egg or bread? You will find that an egg can still add value in most circumstances that it finds itself than bread. I know it’s tough. You’ve not been through such a thing before. Let me ask you- Do you want to grow? Do you want to impact your world? Or is being a passer-by your goal?
  • Most importantly, you are getting into 2015 and you still say- ‘I must get ……. by fire and by force’. News Flash- The owner of fire and force can send them on leave. In other words, flow with God. Let your requests be in line with His will for your life. Do life with Christ. Search for Him like a newbie. That hunger and taste is necessary.

As always, this is me talking aloud to myself for your hearing. The lessons of 2014 cannot be typed out in a post. If I was to tag 2014, I will tag it- the year of growth.

I know for all 2014 has been amazing, whether in tears and in laughter. This year may have been one where God had to prune you inwardly, that all the carnal eyes could see would be nothing. Just only if their eyes could be opened. Or this year may have been one of reaping. But all in all, you are reading this post today, signifies that God is not done with you. You think He has done too much? Nah! He has just started.

I wish you an overflow of enlargement in the year 2015. Thank you for riding with me this year. Those that read, leave comments, share and everything you do. I thank God for you. It has been an honor serving you with the words He lays in my heart. I am praying for you. May year 2015 be one where you will search for God and find Him, in order for your greatness to be established. Amen!

Happy New year!

And I bind that spirit of selfishness that has held you captive from sharing Precious Thoughts posts in year 2014. Be set free. I also release unction for you to be able to make suggestions. Amen! *I kid* 

For Suggestions/Questions-

Princess Okechukwu!

5 thoughts on “And it’s a wrap!

  1. Turn up Turn up Ladies and gentle men, I found her back **Shines teeth..You know yeah, I love the perspective from which this post comes.. Not all painted positive but being Realistic.. Nice one bubba. Its funny yeah, how we fail to understand that it aint over till its over.. This was a very ghen ghen post.. To all those people doing “On your marks” on Instagram, all i can say is the lord is OUR muscle oooo, as what all we do is run a race against the wind. Cheers Bubba.

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