HAPPY NEW YEAR: Must Read and Free Ebook for you!

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

*Screaming* Happy New Year!

How did you spend the last minutes of 2014? In Church? At home? …… Well! I want to wish you nothing short of God’s favour, grace, wisdom, discernment and oil of gladness as we thrive through year 2015.

So after my fair share of sleep, after church service, I decide to read an Ebook that had been sitting in my inbox, before I delve into my law books. And trust me, it was a very good decision.

You remember Mr Tobi Atte of http://www.ijustmetme.com, yeah? Okay! Let me jog your memory, click here. He released an Ebook on December 18, 2014, titled How to make sure your values are aligned.

This book spoke to me, I rarely do the relationship talk on here, just because I feel maybe it is not yet time. But I cannot see an exceptional good piece of work and not promote it here. I was able to resonate with the content of this book, because it got me thinking about how strong my values are, and how unconsciously they play their roles in how I relate with people.

This book is for everyone. Living an all round balanced life is key. So starting off the year with this Ebook is so worth it. I would have done a review, but then again, I thought to myself, ‘But this book is free and available online’. So I choose to be a messenger of good news. Direct access, no middle man!

You can download the book here: ijustmetme free ebook It is not a long read, just 56 pages of simplified wisdom.

Source- ijustmetme.com

Source- ijustmetme.com

As usual, you won’t be disappointed. Nothing beats investing in yourself.


Do you have any book(s) or movie(s) that you will recommend I read? It doesn’t have to be about relationships. It can be about career, life goals, spirituality- just any good one. Thank you.

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Princess Okechukwu!

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