Source - Google!

Source – Google!

It’s about that time. Yippiee!! You know what time it is, don’t you? Giveaway time…. I get excited when I have the opportunity to give something back to my amazing readers. You’d think I’m the one receiving the gift with the way I jubilate.

Okay! Let me tell you a story…

Hands up, if you are a Bella Naija ‘student’. Lol. But really, Bella Naija can pass for an online school, if you ask me.You have the students, the very studious ones – they do their homework. Those that leave comments. Then, there are students like me, who just come to class to answer to our names, when the Class register is called; and sneak out when the teacher turns to the board to write something. I don’t know what you’ll call us [I know I’m not alone]; all I know is that, I’m a proud Bella Naija student.

So on that faithful day, April last year, I went for a ‘class’, Teacher BN Weddings happened to be teaching. Favourite class, if you’re asking. Lol. Okay! I’m snapping out of the ‘School setting’…..

So I got to know about Ijustmetme from BN Weddings. They had just featured the founder’s wedding, Mr Tobi Atte’s wedding.  I’ve never seen a groom as excited as he is. His wife is beautiful. Those were my first thoughts. I went on to check out his website. I’ve to say this, that was one of the times, my amebo [the act of being nosy] has paid off amongst others. The videos I watched, his articles I read- they just blew my socks off. Very enlightening and relatable. I’m yet to see someone give a delivery of a point like he does. Not Flattery. You can see for yourself here: Godly Relationship Foundation Part 1 and you can read the posts here: Ijustmetme.com

Ijustmetme presents ‘The CONVO’ Lagos Edition on Saturday, 23rd August 2014. You may be saying: ‘Oh no, I’m fed up of relationship events. They just keep repeating the same thing. They are just the same everywhere’. Well, I’m happy to tell you that ‘The CONVO’ is like no other. It is a Chic, interactive, CoEd Relationship Event with a thematic mixer. Single, Dating, Courting, Just want to have fun? This event is for you and everyone around you [except the ‘matched’].

Source - IJMM.com

Source – IJMM.com

  • Why is this event different?

People want to be understood, not judged. You want to know what to do and how to do it, not just being ‘served’ Bible verses and rules. You want a balanced and more complete story, that includes- Spiritual, Psychological and even the environmental factors as well. You want to be able to relate with other people who are going through similar issues. You want something deep, not just the everyday information.

The CONVO is here to deliver these and more. To get tickets and more information, visit:
http://bit.ly/TheConvoLagos OR http://www.afritickets.com/event/the-convo-lagos-edition-by-ijustmetme

You don’t want to go there alone either. Nah! You want to invite a friend as well. Did I just say a friend? You want to invite your friends, cousins, colleagues….Do I hear someone saying: This isn’t for me, I’m married. Invite an unmarried friend(s), you can even get a ticket for him/her or them. And did you just say: Me and Le boo/babes, we are cool. We don’t need this. How about going on a date with Le boo/babes, to The CONVO, Lagos Edition. It’s just the same as going to a restaurant. No, scratch that! It’s not the same, it’s far better.

The venue and time are on the flyer, and tickets are on sale online now till Thursday, 21st August 2014 at 9pm. Price – N4800.

  • The Giveaway

I will be giving one of my lovely readers, a free ticket for the event. Courtesy-Ijustmetme.

All you have to do is Share!Share!!Share!!!  Share ‘The CONVO’ flyer on your social media account(s). Oh! please spice it up with a few words as well. And provide the link(s) as proof in THIS POST’S comments section Or if you share from this page, I will know and you don’t have to provide a link, as I will know. That’s all!!

You don’t have to be in Lagos to enter this giveaway, you can enter for someone in Lagos as well. The winner of the giveaway will be randomly selected and announced in August 13’s post, if Jesus tarries.

If you have any concerns/enquiries, you can ask me by sending an email to pradake16@gmail.com, and I will pass it on OR you can ask Mr Tobi Atte, by sending a message to Ijustmetme on Facebook.

So let’s go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere that The CONVO is coming to Lagos, Nigeria.

I trust you will.

Have a lovely day!

Have you read my last post?

Chinomnso Precious!

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