Source - Google!

Source – Google!

It’s about that time. Yippiee!! You know what time it is, don’t you? Giveaway time…. I get excited when I have the opportunity to give something back to my amazing readers. You’d think I’m the one receiving the gift with the way I jubilate.

Okay! Let me tell you a story…

Hands up, if you are a Bella Naija ‘student’. Lol. But really, Bella Naija can pass for an online school, if you ask me.You have the students, the very studious ones – they do their homework. Those that leave comments. Then, there are students like me, who just come to class to answer to our names, when the Class register is called; and sneak out when the teacher turns to the board to write something. I don’t know what you’ll call us [I know I’m not alone]; all I know is that, I’m a proud Bella Naija student. Continue reading