WISDOM NUGGETS: Olympics Gymnastics

Source- Google images

Source- Google images

I am sure there is not a soul who isn’t aware that the Olympics have been taking place since August 5, and will be ending today, August 21. It has been quite interesting, if you ask me. I did not even watch as much as I would have loved to, but I tried to keep up with the news.

So last Saturday, while I read, I had the Olympic gymnastics on, with no volume. And for a few minutes, I was lost in thought with what I learnt from the time I had my eyes on the screen. Continue reading


Wisdom Nuggets: November 2015..

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Source- Google!

If I had blogged as intended two weeks ago, I am pretty sure the title of the blog post would have been ‘Life Lessons from my CN Tower climb’, but that was two weeks ago, just before I was hit with a ‘big’ change that I did not really get a grasp of how it will affect me until it did. But, oh well! I am here today. Blogging.

I do not for a second think it was a coincidence that this happened just after I blogged about ‘Have You Left Your Place?’ Anyway, let it be known that God remains the King of my life, and stays continuously guarding His own [me], so I won’t leave my place. It may seem like a fall, but it was a repositioning.

I know courtesy requires that I tell you why I was away from blogging for most of November, but I cannot. It is not yet time to share. But in all honesty, I was really hurt, angry. Not angry to a point where I wanted to turn away from God. *cues in William McDowell’s ‘Never Going Back’* No! I was just at a point where all I did was ‘turn up’, not because I did not trust God, but I could not really explain how I felt, because I did not know what I was feeling, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. I was pretty down, I had words to blog on, but there was no spirit. I wanted to put up a post informing you of the length of the time I would be away from blogging, but then again, I could not put a time span as to how long I needed. But as always, the Word of God is nursing me back to strength. Continue reading


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I hope it’s not too late to say; ‘Happy New Month’. This post was supposed to be up a week ago, but I went silent. I just have some periods where I love to be silent on/away from social media/platforms, and that was what crept up on me, last week. However, something else was going on during my ‘silent period’. I was pumped up with pride. Pride? How? Continue reading


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Source- Google!

Happy New Month, Beloved!

It’s quite surreal seeing how this year is jetting off. I hope it has been good so far. I also pray that this new month will be one where the glory of the Lord will seen in every area of our lives. AMEN!

I want to acknowledge my readers, those that have been here and those that are just joining the PT train. I appreciate you for being a part of this journey, I also appreciate your suggestions and questions. Thank you all for your comments, requests and everything. God bless you.

As usual, once the month ends and a new month begins, it’s our tradition to recap most of the lessons of the last month here. Just in case you are wondering why I run such a segment, here are my reasons:

  • I believe that every day that passes is an opportunity to grow, and growth occurs in a place of conscious observance of our daily life. Personally, I believe that as I request for the Holy Spirit to help me every day, I get to learn from the experiences that I go through on a daily basis and new revelations from my bible study.
  • I put them in one post because most times, one point is not lengthy enough to make a post. It only makes sense to put them in one.

Continue reading

WISDOM NUGGETS: January and February

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Source- Google!

Happy New Month Precious Thinkers! Welcome to the month of March.

How was January and February? I hope great. If not so great, chin up! Be very hopeful, it’s not too late for your desires to become realities.

Welcome to the first ‘Wisdom Nuggets’ segment of this year. If this is your first time reading the Wisdom Nuggets post, you can catch up on the first two from last year, here: September 2014 and October 2014. The Wisdom Nuggets segment is one where I share lessons I learnt from the previous months’ experiences.

Since I have not put up any for this year, I will be combining both lessons into one: Continue reading

Wisdom Nuggets: October 2014

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Source- Google!

Hello there!!!

Hope you had a good weekend to rest off the week’s stress? Well! I sure had a good rest this weekend. Every once in a while, it is advisable to just ‘do nothing’ but rest….

So as I said in the previous post, the ‘Wisdom Nugget’ for last month will be coming later than usual. Well, that ‘later’ is today. If it happens that today is your first time reading the blog, and you are wondering ‘what is wisdom nugget, all about’? Wisdom Nugget post is a post that will be uploaded at the beginning of every new month containing key lessons that I learnt from the past month. You have not missed a lot, the first wisdom nugget was last month [for the month of September]

Here we go…… Continue reading