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Source- Google!

Happy New Month, Beloved!

It’s quite surreal seeing how this year is jetting off. I hope it has been good so far. I also pray that this new month will be one where the glory of the Lord will seen in every area of our lives. AMEN!

I want to acknowledge my readers, those that have been here and those that are just joining the PT train. I appreciate you for being a part of this journey, I also appreciate your suggestions and questions. Thank you all for your comments, requests and everything. God bless you.

As usual, once the month ends and a new month begins, it’s our tradition to recap most of the lessons of the last month here. Just in case you are wondering why I run such a segment, here are my reasons:

  • I believe that every day that passes is an opportunity to grow, and growth occurs in a place of conscious observance of our daily life. Personally, I believe that as I request for the Holy Spirit to help me every day, I get to learn from the experiences that I go through on a daily basis and new revelations from my bible study.
  • I put them in one post because most times, one point is not lengthy enough to make a post. It only makes sense to put them in one.

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