BOOKS OF SAMUEL SERIES: Thoughts & Influence


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Hello! Hello!!

As stated in the last post, we have three more chapters to discuss in this series. I hope you are reading along and gaining some unforgettable lessons as well.

I hope your week has started off on a high note. As for me, I am trying to get my blogging ‘mojo’ back, amidst other things I am involved with at the moment.

Today’s post will be focusing on chapter thirteen of the second book of Samuel. The lessons from this passage are ones that I hold very dearly to my heart. I hope that as usual that the Holy Spirit will minister these words to our hearts in a way that will cause for change and repentance. Amen! Continue reading

WISDOM NUGGETS: January and February

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Happy New Month Precious Thinkers! Welcome to the month of March.

How was January and February? I hope great. If not so great, chin up! Be very hopeful, it’s not too late for your desires to become realities.

Welcome to the first ‘Wisdom Nuggets’ segment of this year. If this is your first time reading the Wisdom Nuggets post, you can catch up on the first two from last year, here: September 2014 and October 2014. The Wisdom Nuggets segment is one where I share lessons I learnt from the previous months’ experiences.

Since I have not put up any for this year, I will be combining both lessons into one: Continue reading