WISDOM NUGGETS: January and February

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Happy New Month Precious Thinkers! Welcome to the month of March.

How was January and February? I hope great. If not so great, chin up! Be very hopeful, it’s not too late for your desires to become realities.

Welcome to the first ‘Wisdom Nuggets’ segment of this year. If this is your first time reading the Wisdom Nuggets post, you can catch up on the first two from last year, here: September 2014 and October 2014. The Wisdom Nuggets segment is one where I share lessons I learnt from the previous months’ experiences.

Since I have not put up any for this year, I will be combining both lessons into one:

    • Be good/nice to everyone you meet, you don’t know tomorrow: I know this is easier said than done, there are people that make it really hard, but what I will say is- try your utmost best to be good to people that cross your path. Life has a way of happening and the least people that you expect to come to your aid, when necessary, are the ones that end up helping you. Woe betides you, where you have done wrong to a lot of people that no one is willing to associate with you or be of help. A good name/good behavior/kindness is a virtue, you have no idea how a single act of kindness will save you in the future. However, I also believe that being firm with ‘some’ people is imperative, but balance and politeness is key too.
    • Embrace yourself, and learn the skill of ‘drawing a line’: This is in no way contradicting the above point, like I stated there has to be a balance. You will agree with me that some people take your kindness as folly and take the meek, and for such people, and for your own sanity; get the skill of ‘drawing a line’. It is not pride; it is wisdom. One thing I’ve come to understand and appreciate is knowing who you are and embracing every part of you- strengths, weaknesses, achievements, failures, etc. This is a gift you can give to yourself, as there are people who are so eager to tell you who should be and what you should do; and if you are not embracing and knowing who you are; you’ll be a lesser version of yourself, instead of a better person. Also, this is not an excuse to be an ‘I-know-it-all’; needing no correction. What I am saying is- whatever values and standards you have [with a ‘check’ from God], stick to them. Don’t change who you are because some people cannot embrace you [all of you].
    • You’ll keep making mistakes; but that’s not an excuse to quit: It is very easy to find alternatives to things that don’t work out; because we feel there are lots of choices to make. Truthfully, sometimes, that is not the solution. It could just be that there’s a hiccup that needs water, but we feel running away will erase the failure/mistakes. Acknowledging your mistakes/failures, reflecting on whatever you could have done better or different is the way forward. It is self destructive to keep moving from one mistake to another without evaluating what could have gone wrong and resolving to prevent a repeat.
    • Try your possible best to prevent starting your day with anger: I don’t know how it works for you, but I got to realize that if I have a misunderstanding in the morning, it affects my day. I love PEACE in its entirety, and hate having misunderstandings, but they are inevitable. But I have come to understand that having a misunderstanding in the morning spirals into unrest for the day. I get the necessary work done, but not in the best frame of mind. I know misunderstandings are part of life but if you can stay away from them in the morning; please do. Most of all; let us be peacemakers in all our dealings.
    • Feed your hopes: I know it gets tough at times, when we are so sure of something and all of a sudden what we were so sure will come through, goes all wrong and you cannot fathom how. Not raising your expectations may look like the best reaction, but that’s a disastrous response. Yes! Your hopes were dashed to naught [nought], but you cannot just wake up every day expecting the worst to happen or having no expectations at all. That’s a tragic way of living. Wake up every day believing that you will be a recipient of God’s favor; that breakthroughs will abound; that you will find favor in the sight of men; that your day will be amazing; that the project will go well, etc. In feeding your hopes, stretch your faith- make that move. Commit it into the hands of the Lord and move. If it didn’t come through today, it means there is something better to come. Don’t just think this; say it and believe it.
    • Be compulsorily thankful to God: I am not ignorant of the fact that sometimes, life happens, and it looks like there is nothing happening. LIE! There is always something to be thankful for. Personally, I have told myself that I will be compulsorily thankful. So I have a section in my journal where I write down what I am thankful for daily, and it’s been amazing to see the things that happened throughout the day. It’s also another way for me to reflect on how my day had gone and what went well and what needs to worked on. Don’t take anything for granted. That you walked into a shopping mart looking for just one envelope and realized that they do not sell single envelopes, but 5 envelopes in one pack; and the shop attendant gives you one and tells you not to worry about paying; is a testimony. Be thankful every second, every hour, every day and every time.

So that’s it for today. I am sure you’ve learnt some lessons since the beginning of the year, please feel free to share, and which of the above points can you resonate with; let me know in the comments section…

Have an amazing week!


Today and every day will be a good day. Your perspective is the deciding factor.

A good name is better than riches.

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Princess Okechukwu!


7 thoughts on “WISDOM NUGGETS: January and February

  1. reoccurring lesson for this year, especially at the beginning of the year(i was hit the hardest then) was the lesson not to be drawn into distractions away from what God has called me to do.

    The distraction took the face of people, films, social media…but all in all, God was calling me back to not be drawn away from what truly matters.
    It’s a lesson that I learn everytime.

    And I always wonder abt the line of being firm/polite and meek.
    It’s something that I also have to find the balance to.

    And as for thankfulness, from the tweet on twitter, oh, I am all for #thankful for “seemingly little things now”
    Nothing is small if it’s God’s favour that brought them on.

    Happy new month sis!
    Greater is still ahead and even now, it shows 🙂

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