Wisdom Nuggets: November 2015..

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

If I had blogged as intended two weeks ago, I am pretty sure the title of the blog post would have been ‘Life Lessons from my CN Tower climb’, but that was two weeks ago, just before I was hit with a ‘big’ change that I did not really get a grasp of how it will affect me until it did. But, oh well! I am here today. Blogging.

I do not for a second think it was a coincidence that this happened just after I blogged about ‘Have You Left Your Place?’ Anyway, let it be known that God remains the King of my life, and stays continuously guarding His own [me], so I won’t leave my place. It may seem like a fall, but it was a repositioning.

I know courtesy requires that I tell you why I was away from blogging for most of November, but I cannot. It is not yet time to share. But in all honesty, I was really hurt, angry. Not angry to a point where I wanted to turn away from God. *cues in William McDowell’s ‘Never Going Back’* No! I was just at a point where all I did was ‘turn up’, not because I did not trust God, but I could not really explain how I felt, because I did not know what I was feeling, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. I was pretty down, I had words to blog on, but there was no spirit. I wanted to put up a post informing you of the length of the time I would be away from blogging, but then again, I could not put a time span as to how long I needed. But as always, the Word of God is nursing me back to strength.

So, I do apologize for my hiatus, be rest assured that it was not planned; it was needed.

So at 11pm last night, I got the memo, that it was time to return to blogging. I was ready. I am ready. Let’s muse on these few words of wisdom…

In the fear of a thing or experience, lies your triumph. I know fear is not and will never be a good thing, but still it does not mean that I don’t engage it. We do engage fear; not ‘in it’ but with it. This month, I have learnt that fear is an illusion of power in the powerless. Most times, what we fear does not exist or is not as magnificent as we envision. I have also learnt that, once you are able to overcome one fear, there is a boost to conquer every other fear. It’s just like that main character in a game, who has a quest to get the hidden treasures, but has to go through some assailants to get the hidden treasures. For every time, he kills an assailant, his power is replenished, his life increases; that is exactly what happens when we face our fears. We become more brave to become more than the limitations our fears have us bound in.

There’s a love that exists that will never make sense to man. If you find someone who is able to explain the depth and form of God’s love, please let me know, as I will definitely be pointing to you someone, who has not experienced the fullness of His love. I am beginning to understand that God’s love doesn’t have to make sense to me, for me to be a recipient. I am also learning that while in my ignorance as to certain things He has said in His word, He does not coerce me to knowledge. He loves me to knowledge. It’s in His love, that my specks fall off. He does not love me after I have done right. He does not deprive me of  His goodness until I have done right. He loves me at my level of ‘ignorance’ till I reach His level of wisdom and knowledge.

You may forget God’s promise to you, but He does not. I know you may be asking ‘how is it possible for us to forget?’ Well, it is possible. Very possible. But God never forgets. No word that comes forth from Him is idle. I am learning that writing down what and when God speaks is not just wise, but biblical.

And then God answered: Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aces for the coming- it can hardly wait! It’s on its way. It will come right on time.  Habakkuk 2 v 2-3 MSG

I know November is not over yet, but for the time being, these are some of the lessons I learnt and I am still learning, this month. The year 2015 is almost over, and I plan to share some principles and habits I formed this year, that really improved my whole being, with the hope that we will adopt new ones and refine the present one for a greater year 2016.

So what lessons have you learnt in this month of November and in the last eleven months? Don’t be a stranger on your own ‘dance floor’, share with us in the comments section.


I want to be that child who learns a new attribute of Her Father everyday.

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Princess Okechukwu!


5 thoughts on “Wisdom Nuggets: November 2015..

  1. dafricanlady says:

    An honest and refreshing post.

    Do you reckon is appropriate to blog despite our worldly temporary condition ie. whilst we’re angry etc? How I wish I could do that but for a beautiful writing particularly when it comes to writing to encourage others – I feel we need to be in check, be at peace and have the right mind set.

    Anything other than that; will make me feel like a hypocrite as I am writing it.


    Happy New Month

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    • Hey Dafricanlady, it’s funny you say this, because as I was preparing this post, the HolySpirit dropped something in relation to your thought/question. I understand totally what you mean.

      The spirit behind a post is as important as the result from a post. [in terms of inspirational/spiritual blogging and possibly otherwise] A bitter broken spirit cannot produce fruits of joy and wholeness.

      However, there are situations where the feelings can be contained through prayer. For instance, there have been days when I’ve been down and whether I put up a blog post is a test of if I will be emotionally led or Spirit led. And there are days, when God calls me aside to drop my pen and regain wholeness before releasing a post; just like my recent hiatus. So there isn’t just one answer as the way. But what I’m certain of, is that as the Spirit of God leads us, we are able to decipher when to retreat and heal or when to overcome ‘tempting feelings’.

      Happy new month, dear!

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  2. Yemi says:

    I have no doubts in my spirit that we are able to draw amazing inspiration from what we have or are passing through at any point in time. What, for instance, was left for David other than to remind God ‘not to take His holyspirit’ from him at a time that he had almost slipped out of His will. This is one of the most quoted psalms today… Religiously quoted too (sometimes).

    Please do continually put in writing every bit of inspiration God’s given, regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for the piece.


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