Have You Left Your Place?

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Just before you respond in the comments’ section, I will do us the honor of exploring this question.

Shout out to my brother for consistently having conversations about football with me, till I came around. I believe I am in the right place to say that I am more knowledgeable in the footie matters, compared to two years ago. Since our reunion, I have been almost up to date in the football world compared to being aware of what’s going on in Nollywood. Now that’s a big deal, if you really know me.

From the little I know so far, in every team [correct me if I am wrong], there are defenders, strikers, the goalkeeper, the midfielders and the substitutes. And for every match that is played, the injury or absence of one player can mar the opportunity of the success of the team. I have heard analysis of how the absence of a defender or striker led to the loss of a match; and if there is anything this has taught me, it’s the fact that the existence of their different parts, results in the success of the team. It weighs in on how well the team performs, provided that every player is pulling their weight.

The same applies in our kingdom. The kingdom of God is not a ‘one-man’ kingdom. We operate with the input of every part of the body of Christ, and you can bear me witness that the errors of a certain part of the body of Christ affects how Christ is perceived by some; especially those ‘outside’. But, I won’t even go that far, let’s come home!

Let’s start with me [You]…

I know that once I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I had/have a place on earth as a representative, even before my place in eternity.

We are Christ’s ambassadors as though God were making His appeal through us, We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5 v 20 NIV

My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  Luke 14 v 2-3 NIV

What is our place?

Our place can simply be said to be our calling in Christ. Our mandates on earth. Our purpose lived out in our daily lives as our steps are ordered by our Maker. Not everyone has the same place. We have different places that serve different purposes but still for one goal- that all may be reconciled to Christ.

Why do we leave our place?

There are so many reasons make us wander from our positions; but here are few reasons while you tell us the rest:

Wrong focus/motive. An integral foundation principle that we need to imbibe in our Spirit, body and soul, is the fact that we are branches to a Vine. We are not The Vine. When we forget that the life we live is all about the vine, we get petty; thrive in the flesh, and thoughts like: ‘I gave a word of knowledge to person A that came to pass, days after; but person A never appreciated me the way, person X was appreciated for being a vessel in the manifestation of the word of knowledge’. Our focus becomes ‘showbiz oriented’ that we want to be used by God to be recognized by men, so being used by God becomes a means to an end- to be held in high esteem by men. Slowly, moving into the boat of seeking God as a business, our profit being the respect of men.

Who gets the praise, really? The branch or the Vine?

Stay rooted! Source- Google! Stay rooted!
Source- Google!

We forget we are in a battlefield. So you say a prayer for someone and it seems that nothing happened or is happening, then he whispers; ‘You don’t count. How long will you keep praying with no result? How long will you be kind to people and getting the opposite treatment? Your acts/words are of no effect’. And we swallow the lies, forgetting that the enemy doesn’t necessarily have to appear in a dark apparel with his swords for us to realize that standing for Christ puts us on the target list of the enemy. However, we have been equipped with a greater weapon- The Word of God, which counters every lie that can be said.

Are you still on guard? Are you still vigilant?

Martha. Whenever we read the story of Martha in Luke 10 v 39-42, we elaborate on how Martha was busy working while Mary was listening to Christ speak, which is right. But the Holy Spirit revealed to me another aspect of ‘working’, we engage in as Christians. God releases a word of promise to us, preparing us for what He is about to do, then we take up the part of bringing to pass what He has already brought to pass, in only a matter of time, for physical manifestation. We feel that if we do A or B, it will make the promise complete or perfect….Really? When has God ever needed our help to be God? In seeking to work out His promise, we leave our place. We get distracted, We focus more on bringing to pass His word, that we tread on paths that make us feel like we are in His will, when we have actually strayed away.

What are you doing to assist God that lured you from your place?

The Thorns. So we get hit up with tests and trials, and then we stray away from our place, because we feel that if we can’t feel helped, how can we be vessels of help to another. We begin to evaluate the power of God through our trials, which should not be the case. Our trials are to refine us, not to make us blunt. The trials are to sharpen us. But some of us, leave our places because we feel that we need to be in a perfect place to be able to bring order/help to our place of influence, which is what we get wrong because how God chooses to bring deliverance, peace, etc to our team and beyond is not dependent on whether everything is perfect with us. That’s why He gets the glory, it’s all about Him.

Have you left your place because you feel that the existence of the trials in your life is an indication that God cannot use you?

How do we get back to our place?

Retrace your steps and begin again.

This post is very personal. Just recently, I had to retrace my steps. For some weeks now, I have been feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit, with the caption: ‘more’. A lot has been happening until recently I was able to understand what He meant. I have a ‘war corner’ at home that I spend time with God once every week, I had done this since the beginning of this year. But for so many reasons, I have not been at that war corner in the last eight weeks before this week. It is not like I stopped spending time with God during the week or the during my days. But God made it clear to me that certain things took place at that corner that needed to continue.

‘Good Dangerous things’ happened in those times, I never understood that until recently, when the Holy Spirit showed me a consequence of me leaving my place. I wept. It was painful. I did not understand the importance of my place. Thank God for grace to begin again.

I need to add that, straying from your place does not necessarily have to be backsliding, it can just be doing less than the more God has graced you for. We cannot find our place in man. We cannot understand our place from the opinions of the made.

Today, remember this: Your words of encouragement are effective. Your five minutes prayer for that non-believing colleague is effective. Your reaching out to that person who doesn’t want anything to do with God is effective. Your smile at that angry-looking individual is effective. Your prayer at that corner where no one sees is effective. Your words of plea in your heart to God is effective.

You matter! I need you. But most importantly, God needs you. Purpose in your heart this day, that nothing will ever make you leave your place. The Holy Spirit sees your heart, and it’s from your heart to the ears of God, and He will strengthen you. He will strengthen me. Amen!

What other reasons do you think make Christians leave their place? Please share personal experiences in relevance to this post or any thing that the Holy Spirit puts on your heart. 


There is a reason why God made man in His image and not animals in His image. I am His ambassador, and I won’t give up my place.

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Princess Okechukwu!

9 thoughts on “Have You Left Your Place?

  1. 1. Our focus becomes ‘showbiz oriented’ that we want to be used by God to be recognized by men.

    2. because we feel that if we can’t feel helped, how can we be vessels of help to another

    3. straying from your place does not necessarily have to be backsliding, it can just be doing less than the more God has graced you for

    Okay! Firts thing first eh Nne! So Bravo! me i sha dont geRRit faaa.. How 1 someboRRy can be so smart! Biko can my future wife be like you when she grows up ni?! Biko

    So the above lines hit me the most like Magun! And they had me thinking deep..

    Now! Number 1, aYam not Born Again.. But I love GOD.. So Do i think I am not in my Place with him?! Well that I guess eez beyond me to tell.. But i think that we as Christians need to constantly measure our Relationship meter with our GOD.. by constantly putting it to heart that we should not Deviate too far regardless of the why.. Be it Money, Sex, Travail, Pain or Disappointment.. We should always Shaaa remember that 1 with GOD is majority ALL time Every time..

    Interesting analogy up Dia oh Princess.. So you know soccer?! Oshey! a neFer hexspeRRed it 🙂 Cheers Bubba and Happy November 🙂 Thanks for this amazing post Princess Okechukwu 🙂


    • Happy November, Duru! I wish above all else that you have pleasant month.

      Thanks always for reading, and being honest with your comments. I appreciate it. And thank you for your kind words, it reminds me that God’s work in me is just so marvellous, for all to benefit from.

      Please if you don’t mind, can you please send an email to preciousthoughts2013@gmail.com or if you don’t mind leaving it here, in the comment’s section; I want to ask you something. Thank you


  2. Hiya Princess toh beauRRiful.. happy New Month Nne. so this is a quickie I just had to do.. 🙂 We nominated you for the “SisterHood of the World Award” on the Young and Confused Gang.. Please I beg you in the name of BB 10 no not ask me how a confused guy like me got nominated.. but please take up the challenge if you can Nne.. Pretty please?! I beg you in the name of Chioma my future geh friend nne.. Pretty please?!

    Please see the link here..



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