Have You Left Your Place?

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Just before you respond in the comments’ section, I will do us the honor of exploring this question.

Shout out to my brother for consistently having conversations about football with me, till I came around. I believe I am in the right place to say that I am more knowledgeable in the footie matters, compared to two years ago. Since our reunion, I have been almost up to date in the football world compared to being aware of what’s going on in Nollywood. Now that’s a big deal, if you really know me.

From the little I know so far, in every team [correct me if I am wrong], there are defenders, strikers, the goalkeeper, the midfielders and the substitutes. And for every match that is played, the injury or absence of one player can mar the opportunity of the success of the team. I have heard analysis of how the absence of a defender or striker led to the loss of a match; and if there is anything this has taught me, it’s the fact that the existence of their different parts, results in the success of the team. It weighs in on how well the team performs, provided that every player is pulling their weight. Continue reading