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I hope it’s not too late to say; ‘Happy New Month’. This post was supposed to be up a week ago, but I went silent. I just have some periods where I love to be silent on/away from social media/platforms, and that was what crept up on me, last week. However, something else was going on during my ‘silent period’. I was pumped up with pride. Pride? How?

I felt all over the place, that I did not feel worthy enough to be putting up anything here. I was wrapped up in my feelings of trying to sort every and all things, and in doing that I felt my life was not in the order that qualifies me to put up anything. Then God showed me my heart.

This blogging isn’t about you, and it is not up to you to feel worthy to be a vessel for my use.

Then it hit me. I was all wrapped up in my feelings and things that I made this, all about me, and it is not, and will never be about me. It will forever be about God. God! And God alone. So the next time, my feelings aka the enemy decides to make this all about me, I will get out of my way. I will remind myself that this blogging is not a feeling based affair. It’s a task I’m privileged to carry out, and I won’t give God, a reason to replace me, because I feel unworthy.

Fam! That’s pride there. Allowing my feelings dictate how I respond to God. Most times, our feelings are our own enemies, but we know better and will do better, by God’s grace. Amen.

Please accept my unreserved apology.

Now to the ‘main course’ of today’s ‘meal’…….

  • Walking in the Spirit can be an everyday affair: I do not want to assume that this is a well-known nugget, hence, why I am stating it. I believe we do have some uncanny experiences that we just say to ourselves or to someone; ‘You are in the Spirit’. But we don’t have to experience that today and experience nothing tomorrow. This is how simple it is…

So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature…Galatians 5 v 16 [NIV]

Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5 v 24-25 [NIV]

               You give your life to Christ, and as you choose to please Christ, you are empowered with a Spirit-filled life, as long as you do not quench the Spirit [by constantly fulfilling the lusts of the flesh]. How marvelous it is to know that God can prompt you to pray for a brother/sister concerning a specific issue, and days or months later, this person is testifying as to how God came through for that issue you prayed for. It’s not exclusive level. It’s our birthright as heirs in Christ. All we have to is doggedly pursue after righteousness. Seek to please God in all that we do. Exercise our Spirit-man- praying, studying the word, etc.

  • Punctuality sets you apart: it’s no news that one of the foundational principles of success is valuing time. How a person uses his/her time, says a lot about a person; so does punctuality. There is something stinky about always being late for appointments and the rest. The truth is punctuality sets a person apart, you never know who is watching, but trust me when I say, punctuality distinguishes you from the crowd. Even if no one is watching, we carry an excellent spirit in us, therefore, excellence should exude from us. It is easy to tell how organized and focused a person is from how he/she values time. So if you have been tagged or known as the occasional or constant latecomer, you really want to get out from that group. It’s a slothful group.
  • Nothing can deter a passion-filled/dogged man: through various life experiences, I have come to understand this nugget, but I got to relearn this again last month, from my quest for a Smarties McFlurry [Ice-cream]. I craved SM, went about my Saturday errands, and left SM for last, after I was done for the day. When I was done with my errands, I was so tired, but I wanted that Ice-cream, so I went to the mall close to home; and bummer: ‘NO ICE CREAM-MACHINE NOT WORKING’ on a white cardboard at the counter. I was livid. But I wasn’t that furious to the extent of giving up. I got on the bus for a 15minutes journey to another McDonalds, and I got my Smarties McFlurry. The interesting part is that, it was raining, my flats were soaked on my way home, but I wasn’t bothered. I had an umbrella, the ice-cream was in my system. I smiled all the way home.

This experience needs not to be explained. It says it all, a man passionate and dogged, who knows what he wants, is never deterred by obstacles. He always finds another way, even if it takes a long time; he never gives up.

  • God’s ‘Impromptu’ plans are still in His budget: I am not sure if this caption relays my point vividly, but I will explain. In less words, I am saying: your limitations financially/emotionally does not prevent God from introducing an expensive venture, a plan/detour that you did not envision. That it was not part of your plans for the year, and God instructs you to embark on that venture, does not mean that it won’t work. Just accept His plans and do all you can, as He leads you to see that the venture/assignment is excellently executed. You owe it to God to show forth His glory. Let this life you live, be all about magnifying God in your life. So when God brings those plans, don’t get scared off by the rejections, naysayers and your limitations. Step out in faith. God has got you.

And it’s a wrap! What lessons did you learn last month? And which of the above nuggets resonate with you deeply?

Have an awesome week ahead!

P.S: Shout out to the newest member(s) of the Precious Thoughts Fam! If for one second, you are wondering what ‘Wisdom Nuggets’ is about, it’s a segment where I get to share key lessons I learnt from the previous month. Welcome to the family!


No matter how many times you trip them up,
    God-loyal people don’t stay down long;
Soon they’re up on their feet.. Proverbs 24 v 16-17

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Princess Okechukwu!




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