What has been your excuse I?

Mum, Come let's take a selfie...

Mum, Come let’s take a selfie…

Hello Lovelies,

You can agree with me, it gets busy during these five days of the week: Monday-Fridays. Well! For me, it gets busy in my house. There are times when, I partially see my Mum. [Work  Ei!!!] Partially because I say ‘Good morning to her with sleepy eyes’ and the next thing, she is out of the house.

So I love to make the weekend, one where I unwind with friends. But this last weekend, it hit me that someone else needed to chill as well; the best gift God has given to me – My Mum. So the selfie above is an evidence. We had some Mum and Daughter moments.

But that’s not what this post is about…..

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