Help! I can’t hear Him speak…


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Three weeks ago, I had an evening service at a place I had once visited, and as I got on the bus, I remembered: ‘I don’t know the bus stop to get off at’. Well, I was all over the place before leaving home, that I totally forgot that I needed to check for the bus stop, as the bus stop I was to get off has a different name from the street of the place.

So I asked HIM, and He said: ‘Get off at the fifth bus stop’.  We got to the fifth bus stop, but I hesitated, I looked around but it did not look like a place I had been to before, bear in mind, this was at 10pm, so it was dark. While I hesitated, the traffic light worked in my favor and it changed to red. I walked up to the driver and asked: “Is the opposite stop, Milvan Drive?”

He replied: ‘Yes!’

Then I got off. As I walked to the venue, He said: ‘So you really had to ask the driver first, before believing? And you had to look around to be sure that it looked like the place too?

Then it dawned on me, what had just happened and I asked for forgiveness.

That experience made me understand how there could be a million reasons why we may not be able to hear God speak; and from my lil’ experience with God, I believe I can be able to share a few reasons why we may not hear God when He speaks and what we can do better as we grow in Christ. Continue reading

Why is the simplest act, becoming the most difficult?



There are certain reactions that most human beings will never appreciate. I like to believe that human beings are quite sensitive, even if, not everyone likes to show such side. One reaction that I am quite certain that you and I will never appreciate is getting the ‘Oh! that’s a big lie’ spill out from the mouth of a person you had just spent 180 seconds of your time, telling him/her something that happened; and being certain of telling the truth as you know it and as it is, but still, you are still called a ‘big, fat liar’.

One reaction that I have learnt to appreciate on a daily basis, is the ‘Huh?? reaction’. I will explain. Continue reading