Child, Put On Your Robe!

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I have read the story of the prodigal son many times, and different things stood out to me. I believe this story just reveals to us how God’s love is constant, not dependent on our frailties.

At different times in our lives, we take the ‘prodigal’ path, and when we decide to retrace our steps, we feel we have to be servants before we become heirs, again. But that’s the amazing thing about our Father’s love and grace, it does not have to be like that. He is ready when we are ready to come home.

Just this Sunday, I felt like the prodigal son for so many reasons (e.g not keeping up with blogging), and I was silently beating myself up. The Holy Spirit tugged my heart to read the story of the prodigal son, that I need to see my feelings differently. So I read Luke 15 v 11-32, (I advise that you read it too) and the Holy Spirit stopped me at a verse to ponder on for a little while.

Father, I have sinned against God, I have sinned against you; I don’t deserve to be called your son again. But the father wasn’t listening. v 21-22a MSG

He said to me, ‘I am not listening, just put on your robe’.

It is amazing how we are so efficient at focusing on how we may not have met up to the standards we have set or people set for us. It feels like if we can just keep telling ourselves how much we’ve messed up, just maybe, maybe, we won’t have to find ourselves in such a situation, again. Lies!

Have you thought that the time you have spent beating yourself down, is just a disguise to disqualify yourself, so you don’t have to carry out the plans or be who Christ has called you to be?

 It is just your own way of saying ‘I definitely cannot do better, can I just make do with good?’. 

‘Let me just be the servant and not the son’

Just like the lost son in the bible, God has searched you out, reached out to you, hugged you and kissed you, but you still want to ruminate on how unworthy you are.

The great news is God is not listening to your disqualification speech, all He wants you to do is: Put on your robe!

Sometimes, the feeling of being a prodigal son does not exist past our imaginations, we have only given it life because events have not panned out with the expectation of man. In such a moment, we need to see things through the eyes of our Father, because beneath all that is seen, greater works are done.

So today, as you read this post, my prayer is that:

You walk in the nature of Abba who disciplines and loves accordingly

That you will be brave enough to seek to be a son/daughter, and not settle for hired servanthood

That like your maker you will see the gold in you, that no mess can tarnish

That you will no longer be scared to wear your robe, because the perfect love of Abba has cast out every fear of failing Him. Amen

God needs you, put on your robe!

Please Be Aware: The podcast series won’t be starting off this month anymore. It is still in the works. I will keep you posted.

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3 thoughts on “Child, Put On Your Robe!

  1. I keep on doing the same sins,repenting and going back to them again.Sometimes i feel like God doesn’t want me to be his follower..what do i do?


    • Hi Ndemi, Sorry for the late response. I have been sick for a week, and I have not checked the spam section. Your comment went to the spam section, so that’s why I did not get a notification of your comment.

      Ndemi, Let me just start by letting you know that if there isn’t the concept of choice in the life of mankind, God will make everyone His follower. I also want you to know that God sees your desire to follow Him, and He loves you and is proud that you are open to Him; that you want to live for Him. We cannot deny that our fallen nature will continuously war against our desire to live for Him, but still we are more than conquerors. Christ made us so!

      What can you do?
      These are not exhaustive actions to see the change you require, but they are foundational and integral acts.

      You need to ask God for help. You cannot fight sin by your power alone, you need the help of the Holy Spirit. Also, as you ask God for help, He will release strategies and promptings to help you stop igniting the triggers that cause you to keep doing the same sins. With God’s help, comes sacrifices and obedience. You may have to stay away from certain places, people, activities, etc. And in staying away from those triggers, you have to replace the vacuum that comes with the withdrawal from the former things.
      In place of your former routines or activities, you need to incorporate reading and studying the bible consistently and prayer. The best way to draw closer to God and away from our iniquities is consciously and intentionally being where we are sure we will find God; in His word and communicating with Him.
      Also, I will advise that if you’re not already a part of one, you find a bible believing church to be a part of. This Christianity race isn’t a solo race. It is one that we run with other believers. So indeed, you need somewhere you can hear the word and get involved in edifying programs.

      Ndemi, remember that right where you are, God is ready to help you do better. He does not see you through the eyes of your sin. He sees you as His own, and is ready to impute His righteousness on you. He does not condemn you. God is madly in love with you.

      I am praying for you. I am so proud of you that you seek to get better with your walk with God. Please feel free to reach me through this email: With the help of the Holy Spirit, I offer to do this walk with you as you will have me.

      Don’t give up, Ndemi!


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