Gentle Whisper vs. Earthquake/Fire/Wind

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Hi! Hi!!

It’s been a minute on here, well that’s about to change, beginning today.

For the last two weeks, this post has been building up in my spirit. Not just building up in my spirit, but also convicting and transforming me, as well. And, I am certain that the following words will stir up a transformation, that can only be founded by a contact with the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Whenever the title of this post is seen at face value, the person that comes to mind is Elijah. Reference is his experience in 1 kings 19 v 1-18 [Please read for personal rhema]. His experience is viewed more of in the context of hearing God speak and being sensitive to the various ways He can speak to us. But there’s more that the Holy Spirit is teaching me about a different context of the gentle whisper, the earthquake, the fire and the wind.

The context of experiencing God.

You see there’s a specific attribute that a whisper has that the earthquake, fire and wind, do not have. The whisper is silent and more likely to be heard by just one individual, while the others are most likely to be experienced by more than one person. Does that make them any more significant than a whisper? No! They have their place [purpose]. So why do we downplay the powerful whispers we get daily?

What am I getting at?

You see, it’s sad but true that most of us are becoming more of ‘showbiz’ believers; large-scale performance-oriented Christians, that we are using Christ instead of Him using us. If God does not do something that warrants sharing on our social media platforms or on the stage; then He has not moved. If God has to be with me or move in my life, it has to be a move that must alert the attention of many. ‘It has to be wind-like, earthquake-like or fire-like. A whisper-like is not enough, Lord!’

Psalm 68 v 19 tells us that: God daily loads us with benefits…

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Are we sensitive daily to recognize the benefits of today? Or are we more soaked into the anticipation of a long-awaited breakthrough, that has to break the internet?

Have we justified our insensitivity with this thought: ‘I serve a big, powerful God, so it is not out-of-place to request that my breakthrough breaks the internet’. 

Are we serving God to keep up with trends?

There’s nothing wrong with expecting God to blow your mind. But a Christian who cannot recognize and enjoy the whispers of God, can get either of two outcomes: be frustrated, depressed and angry with God or the devil will blow your mind, only temporarily.

A Christian who is not able to experience God in the audience of one, will only become an empty performer in the audience of many.  If you cannot see God in your isolation/solitude, you cannot recognize Him in the crowd.

God is not a means to an end.

I hope and pray that we do not become desensitized to God’s move in our lives, that we label them: coincidence. I pray we do not become Christians seeking to know and experience God through logic.

So remember, that while you wait for the wind of change of your career, there’s a whisper of your current job you are excelling in, and it is instrumental to the change you seek. Remember that while you seek the fire of using your gift of revelation to serve nations, you have the whisper of serving that brother or sister in your school or church. Remember that while you anticipate the earthquake of your voice being listened to by leaders of nations as they seek your counsel, you are blessed with the whisper of being a voice of reasoning in your circle of friends.

I pray we will stop commonizing the presence of God in our lives. Amen. Don’t ignore the whispers!

Please Be Aware: I am back to working with my blog schedule and structure, as we joyously start the month of June. I am sorry I have not been the best blogger this year, but that is about to change. Watch out!

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14 thoughts on “Gentle Whisper vs. Earthquake/Fire/Wind

  1. Hmmm!

    Sometimes the fire can’t be hidden because God doesn’t want to hide it.
    The whispers are preferable because then you can keep it hidden for as long as you want.

    You can’t really show off when God’s in charge.

    Still wondering what purpose the enemy could have in bringing fire.



      • I just saw your comments:

        Ha ha ha. I was in a bad place yesterday, discouraged and at the same time pissed. When I’m angry, really terribly angry, I pray, pour my frustrations out on God and then ask for directions.

        I think we should be more understanding of believers and pray for them less than criticise.

        Half the time, i’m not sure what God wants me to do, i’m usually just walking by faith and doing what I believe pleases Him.

        Yes, sometimes people are empty, they are usually changing and trying to adjust into God’s perfect will for them.

        Or they could be under attack from the enemies kingdom, what they need is prayer.

        Usually, if you ask the Holy Ghost, he will tell you what they need so you can pray.

        I know for a fact that neither gossip nor idle talk advances God’s kingdom.

        I hope this is kind enough. Do bear with me. I’m seeing everything through my rose- coloured glasses these days, I don’t know if you understand.

        If you don’t, that’s just me ranting.

        Welcome back. I have missed you. Your blogging too. Pls follow your time table and blog…


      • If there’s anything that advances love and unity in the kingdom, one of them is understanding.

        I really do understand how it can get difficult at times, and that’s why my blogging most times, comes from my own place of admonishment from the HolySpirit. I get mine first before I share with you all. So it’s not a ‘flawless talking to the flawed’ scenario.

        It’s more of God speaking to us, to change our perspective on the little things that are actually the big things to actually see Him.

        I’m not out of the circle. I’m included. No one is excluded.

        Tessa, I am praying for you. I may not know what’s going on, but I trust that Abba who is omniscient, has got you covered and is with you every step of the way.

        Stay strong!❤️

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  2. This was worth a read! I had never seen that passage in this context before. Its important we recognize the seemingly “little” blessings God gives us through his small whispers. Sometimes its just to save our behinds but we just ignore it. I cant help but remember My encounter last weekend omw to the 2nd grocery store in serious search for plantain: after being involved in a collision that I was sure was the other party’s fault (only to call the cop and hear him express it was my fault-he expressed himself with a $110 ticket). I should mention that I heard that whisper not to change lanes, but i did and BAM i got hit.
    I finally left the scene (just downcasted and annoyed) with my car still drive-able but with a dent in the front door, I eventually got to the grocery store and found the last 3 plantains (LOL). I was still annoyed and i heard the whisper again asking me to be thankful that i found the plantain. Although still annoyed i resolved not to ignore this whisper so i braced myself to say “Thank You Jesus”. It may sound so lame to someone else; Needless to say, I began to feel peace and the worry about how Imma pay for the ticket and fix the car just dissolved.

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    • I can’t begin to share how many times I have ignored His whispers. God is too merciful, I tell you.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I trust that God is still helping in the phase of fixing the car and paying the ticket. He doesn’t step away. Such an amazing father. Oh, can I just say: ‘Abba, thank you that Tolu’s life was spared. I am thankful it’s just the ticket and fixing of the car, that she has to deal with. Not alone’🙌🏾

      I know we will do better, and acknowledge the great blessing of His whisper.

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  3. WOw! This is amazing…the showbiz and all the ‘noise’ doesnt really impress me much, because its easy to be loud…when we are amongst ‘church folk’, i just hope that when we go back to our different corners of the globe..that we listen for the gentle whispers..!

    Thank you.

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