Gentle Whisper vs. Earthquake/Fire/Wind

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Source- Google

Hi! Hi!!

It’s been a minute on here, well that’s about to change, beginning today.

For the last two weeks, this post has been building up in my spirit. Not just building up in my spirit, but also convicting and transforming me, as well. And, I am certain that the following words will stir up a transformation, that can only be founded by a contact with the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Whenever the title of this post is seen at face value, the person that comes to mind is Elijah. Reference is his experience in 1 kings 19 v 1-18 [Please read for personal rhema]. His experience is viewed more of in the context of hearing God speak and being sensitive to the various ways He can speak to us. But there’s more that the Holy Spirit is teaching me about a different context of the gentle whisper, the earthquake, the fire and the wind. Continue reading