Child, Put On Your Robe!

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I have read the story of the prodigal son many times, and different things stood out to me. I believe this story just reveals to us how God’s love is constant, not dependent on our frailties.

At different times in our lives, we take the ‘prodigal’ path, and when we decide to retrace our steps, we feel we have to be servants before we become heirs, again. But that’s the amazing thing about our Father’s love and grace, it does not have to be like that. He is ready when we are ready to come home. Continue reading

How Powerful Is Your Antivirus?

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Not powerful, in any way!

Just few minutes before I started typing out this post, I got an alert that my antivirus will expire in 5days. I believe it is no coincidence that I have been pondering on this post, and I got that alert like a confirmation of the connotative meaning of today’s post. Shout out to the Holy Spirit, always on point!

Like I said, the antivirus on my laptop is not in its most potent state, not sure it ever was. I won’t mention the brand, but I will definitely be making a change in the days to come. But you know we are not here to discuss which antivirus suits my laptop, or which is the best.  Continue reading

BOOKS OF SAMUEL SERIES: You Don’t Get Any of The Plunder….


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A wonderful day to you!

The long-awaited series that I mentioned in the previous  post begins today. I will like to say that inasmuch as two books of the bible will be deliberated upon, on this blog is no shortcut or replacement for your time in the word of God. I really do encourage you to dig into the word of God. Study it for yourself, no blog post or sermon should be sufficient. Get a direct contact with God-through His word.

The more reason why this series won’t be sufficient for your portion in the word is the fact that I will be discussing lessons from some of the chapters of the book of 1 & 2 Samuel. Also, you need your own rhema, mine is not enough for both of us. I do not mean to sound like a broken record, but I’ve to reiterate that gone are the days when you live off others interpretation of the word of God.

However, it is my earnest desire that as we study and discuss the books of Samuel, that the word of God will change us inside out. Amen! Continue reading

LET’S TALK/GUEST EXCLUSIVE: Once saved, always saved?! (1a)

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Holla! I know it has been a while on here. Precious Thoughts has been silent. But that is all over now. Well! I was missing in action because I had to prepare for my Pre-bar exams, which I wrote last week [not all though, just 2]. Working, studying and blogging were becoming overwhelming, so I had to focus on my exams. Oh! and it does not mean, I love you all any less. It is just that my career qualification aspect is requiring more of my time, at this stage. But I will not stop blogging. So, I am sorry for taking off just like that. A few weeks ago, I happened to hear something new and shocking [Well! shocking to me]. Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t make use of ‘Petrol’, but make use of ‘diesel’ II




Happy New Month, my lovely readers and visitors. Don’t think you’ve seen everything that can come out of this year. God is done with manufacturing  your outstanding suprises. It’s the manifestation time.  Just sit tight, and let him be God!

This is the part 2 segment of this post. But before I delve into the nitty-gritty of the concluding segment, I will like to mention something that was brought to my attention by my friend.

After I had put up the post, my friend drew my attention to the definition of grace in the post. His opinion was “You quoted that grace is unmerited favour. Is there a merited favour? Us being used to a slogan doesn’t always make the slogan right”. Those were his exact words. I will say the same thing I told him, for any one that shares his view. I do appreciate his opinion. He is right. Favour in itself is not merited, hence its name. However, why I chose to use that definition was to make great emphasis on the fact that ‘this favour in itself is not merited’, so the additional ‘unmerited’ was ‘to take the point home’ [I don’t know if I am making sense]. I know it’s repetition or you may say, that’s an ambigious statement, well, it’s for emphasis sake.

To have a ‘whole’ comprehension of the title and this post, please it is necessary to have a read of the previous one

Continue reading