How Powerful Is Your Antivirus?

Source - Google!

Source – Google!

Not powerful, in any way!

Just few minutes before I started typing out this post, I got an alert that my antivirus will expire in 5days. I believe it is no coincidence that I have been pondering on this post, and I got that alert like a confirmation of the connotative meaning of today’s post. Shout out to the Holy Spirit, always on point!

Like I said, the antivirus on my laptop is not in its most potent state, not sure it ever was. I won’t mention the brand, but I will definitely be making a change in the days to come. But you know we are not here to discuss which antivirus suits my laptop, or which is the best.  Continue reading

Unfinished Business…

image (2) Hello!

*Covers Face* You didn’t think I was quitting blogging, did you? I knew my January was going to be quite busy, but I did not see it taking a long three weeks though. But I am back and I will explain… However, you did not look for me, *sobs* Is this life? I thought we are family. You’ve got my back and I’ve got yours. Or you just assumed, she will come back and tell us what happened? Well! you are right. I will tell you. But, you need to tell me why you didn’t look for me too.

I do not know if you still remember but immediately I submitted my dissertation for my Masters programme, I left for Canada as my graduation was not taking place till January 2015. So I always knew I had an unfinished business with England, UK…

I was off blogging unintentionally because of work (it got mega busy), preparation for my trip to England, my trip to London for my graduation, my laptop finally got spoilt beyond repair, serious jet lag (I never knew how that felt until few days ago, and it was horrible) and flu paid a visit as well. But I am determined to put on the garment of consistency, henceforth, so help me God. Amen!

Back to my unfinished business…. Continue reading