WIGTW: ‘Every Christian Should know these….’

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Happy New Month!

I am not an ardent promoter of the ‘Theme for the month’ affair, not that I am against it, it is just what it is. But, I am so revved up for this month, as the Lord specifically dropped a word in my Spirit, and I will like to share with you, and hopefully, we can key into it prayerfully.

December is our month of laughter. The Lord is blessing us with laughter, and all who will get the news of His workings will laugh with us. God is invading our lives with new life, that will change who we are, in a manner that will be a point of lifetime recognition of His supremacy. He is crowning your steadfastness in pleasing Him despite the odds, with an astounding fulfillment of His promises to you. Amen. Genesis 21 v 6

Today’s WIGTW is one where we talk about certain things I have found out and kept to myself, not because I was being stingy with the knowledge, but because I felt, ‘Well, every christian knows this, why be a broken record’. But if there’s anything the Holy Spirit is teaching me and helping me do, is to let go of the mindset of assuming that everyone knows these things. Continue reading

Ever done the Identity Check?

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Source- Google!

Hello Everyone,

INSPIRATION POINT: Taking a walk home, my effort in order not to ‘become room and parlour’ [Fat/overweight].

When did things get this difficult, like I’m here thinking; ‘Which title should I use? Ever done the Identity Check? OR  When last did you do the identity check?… Looool. It’s not that deep right? Yeah!

At every point in our lives, there are times when we are told to identify ourselves. It could be when we call up our network providers to make some changes to the present service package we have, or when travelling out of our resident country. A form of identification is always requested for. There are different purposes for identification, from accountability purpose to orderliness purpose. But like Saul turned Paul, something like scales have fallen off my eyes after reading this:

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