Rhema From My Bus Route



I remember gushing about spontaneity in this post, a few months ago, and I must say that as christians, if we will be all that we are to be, in bringing glory to God’s name, we need to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you ask me, spontaneity should not be an odd happening in our walk with the Holy Spirit. [Disclaimer: Spontaneity outside the word of God is not of the Holy Spirit]

Why this intro?

I had a pre-planned post [in my head] that I was going to upload today, but there was this resistance in my heart, hence why there was no post on Monday. And then on my way from work, it happened… Let me just say that, I cannot brag about my might or power , I am just clay. I am just humbled by the awesomeness of walking with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not abstract or exclusive to very spiritual people. NO! Just yearn for Him, and you will find Him…

I board two buses to and from work. But there are different kinds of these buses. On the bus 45 line, there are 45 &45E [E signifies Express], while bus 36 has 36S, 36F, 36D & 36. One thing, I know about bus 36 line is that 36F, S & D, do not get to the terminal stop. I do not know what F & D stand for, but I know S stands for ‘short turn’. Last night, just as my colleague and I were setting out from work, she checked for the bus time on the app [it is very necessary to check, the cold isn’t friendly at this time of the year]. Hers was coming in 4minutes while mine was in 14minutes. I still decided to go out and wait for the bus. I just feel sometimes that App cannot be trusted.

Six minutes after, a bus 36F arrives at the bus stop. I got on. As expected, fifteen minutes later, I was off the bus in a not so protected bus shelter. Two sides of the shelter were open and trust that the cold was taking advantage. Lol. The bus stop shelter by my workplace is more covered, there was a place to dodge the cold, while waiting for the bus. Fifteen minutes later, a bus 36 arrived. Bus 36 takes me to an intersection where I board the bus 45 that takes me home; but it’s vice versa when I am heading to work [i.e bus 45 before bus 36]. Bus 45E does not stop at every bus stop, as the name implies, it is an express bus. Okay Princess, what are you getting at?

You see these buses depict a trend in life. Buses 36 and 45= life, how God has planned and purposed for it to be, but there are the attractive Ss, Fs, Ds and Es. Getting on them, seem worth it. After all, the Ss, Fs and Ds take us halfway even if they do not take us to our destinations. What about the Es? They take us there faster. Yippie! Don’t get carried away, pal!

They are all mirages. They have side effects. For instance, waiting for the 36 in a protected shelter is the best decision that I should have made. No mean slaps from the wind. Seats to rest while waiting. But no, 36F will take me half way. But here is the trick, 36F won’t take you to your destination and it could probably attract avoidable battles. Battles of the mean wind slaps. No seats to rest. Unrest as to what time the 36 will arrive. 

Waiting is not easy, I know. But why get on a journey that has no certain check from God, the maker of the destination? Why can’t we say to ourselves that if this wish is of the Lord’s will, at the set time, He will bring it to pass?

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Yes, it’s December and it/they did not happen in the past 11months, why are you so convinced that if it does not happen in December, any other time after December will be a wrong time? Have you forgotten that a day is like a thousand years in the sight of God? Psalm 90:4.

Oh and the 45E, looking at the express bus- it has the advantage of getting to the subway terminal station quicker than the 45. Good! But what if, your destination is not the subway? What if your destination is 7 stops before the subway? The express bus does not stop at every bus stop, so there is no guarantee that it will stop at bus stop 7 before the subway [your destination].

The regular buses 45 and 36 routes are designed to build us. There will be times of breaking and moulding. There will be times of learning and building. There will be times of just tarrying and observing. And the times vary. Are we understanding the times we are in, like the men from Issachar? 1 Chronicles 12:32. It could be that God is saying keep still, don’t get involved in that project, it’s time to build you for your destination, but your eyes is fixed on Bro A and Sis C, who have taken the regular route and they are fulfilling their purposes, after they have gone through the times with God.

But you are getting frustrated and asking God ‘Why me?’, ‘Why can’t I be like them?’. Wrong prayer/questions. How about making a switch- ‘Lord, reveal yourself to me in this phase’, ‘What are you saying/doing in this phase?’, ‘Help me to understand the time’.

We look at the lives of Joseph, Moses, David and we see that their regular bus routes prepared them for their destinations. There will be a time when the Lord will require that you be hidden to be built excellently in order to carry out your purpose for His glory, but if at that point, we decide to take up Fs, Ss, Ds and Es, the end result could be wasted time, avoidable battles and unrest.

Waiting on God is never a waste of time. He is the only one that I know that renews and restores, check out Uncle Job in Job 42:12-17. Let us take our eyes off ourselves and follow His leading on how to glorify His name in the midst of waiting. We do not go on breaks because our desires are not met yet, that’s not why we serve God.

You may be saying- ‘Princess, you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s not as easy as it sounds’…Yeah! It’s not as easy as it sounds [the Holy Spirit is available to help], but I know what I am saying. Let us get on our faces before God, and cultivate a heart for waiting on God.

Get on your buses 45 & 36. Every bus stop experience is needed to build you. Say bye Felicia to the Fs, Ds, Ss and Es. Choose to stick it out with God. 

Happy New Month PT.

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Princess Okechukwu!

7 thoughts on “Rhema From My Bus Route

  1. tee showie says:

    very true, sometimes we think we know just what is right for us, and we take decision/buses based on what we think works best, and we forget that he who wrote our destiny and knew us before we were conceived knows what he is doing….if we walk in the spirit and have inner peace and quite, and we walk by faith, waiting becomes a preparation period and we wont find it as cumbersome as it may have appeared. remain blessed.

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