Dear PT, What Are You Choosing?

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Let’s take this as a different form of the Wisdom Nuggets, that was supposed to be here in place of today’s post. I am very sure it will more than suffice.

I am just here to remind you of some important things that we forget. Rightly put, we may choose to forget. Honestly speaking, I can say that I have chosen to forget that instead of sadness, I can choose joy; that instead of bitterness, I can choose love/kindness; perseverance over quitting; patience over instant gratification….

I can choose these things but sometimes I choose to forget not to choose, because it’s the easiest path to take. They require little or nothing from me, at the same time, they do the worst damage ever. Continue reading

Career Talk: Foundation Matter




Have you ever studied the work of a Mason or Bricklayer? Personally, I have not studiously taken note of their work, but I can say that whenever I see where a house is being built, there are two things I have noticed.

When the foundation of the house is being put together, it is not done in a day. [Disclaimer: I took note of this, back home in Nigeria, I have no idea how it works anywhere else]. I know the foundation building takes a longer time. Also, there are a lot of bricks and concretes that are used for the foundation building. You cannot expect to just make use of ten bags of cement for the building of a mansion, and the bigger the building that is envisioned, the more materials used for the foundation.

It is not a nouveau point knowing that the foundation of a thing really matters. Personally, I believe the foundation of a thing is very influential in the existence of a thing/experience. This is applicable in every sphere of a person’s life- physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially etc.

But today’s post will be focusing more on career and ambition wise. Continue reading